Heart Gifts

greatest gift

Today my daughter went to school looking like a more extreme version of her bag lady self.  The kid down the street came in to warm up by the fire.  He said, “Are you really going to bring all of that?” “Soon I’ll have to get her a shopping cart.”  I said. She had all [...]

MOPS Called & Told Me to Bring my Voice

I'm hoping for very great things, because there's a whole lot of stupid going on over here.

I’m trying to psych myself up for a full and very busy week, but my heart is still in holiday mode.  I don’t think I’ll be able to shake the festive spirit until the last of the turkey is consumed and that could be a while. Do you ever feel like we jump from one [...]

A Mother’s Day Gift from My Grandma

kids playing with water guns on a spring day

  My  grandmother (who passed away several years ago) gave me a bracelet for Mother’s Day.  This year! I was as surprised as you, but on Saturday night, I found a white box with a paper lid and it said, “To mom.  From FringeKid (only she used her real name) and great-grandma.” Inside was a [...]

Holiday Recap (or Post-Holiday Bloat…you decide)

me & my kiddos

I feel like I should be posting a Christmas card with our smiling faces and matching red sweaters, but my kids have been hiding from the camera and FringeMan doesn’t like sweaters. This has been a big year and it’s not even over yet.  First we survived the end of the world and now Christmas.  [...]

Guilt Free Gift Giving


Isn’t it strange that giving sometimes comes with guilt? Guilt does not seem worthy of Christmas.  The two do not mix, or should not mix, but somehow over the years we went from accepting the greatest gift of all, a savior in the form a baby, to stressing over the gifts we give, the gifts [...]

Gifts for The Lego Maniac

I wanted to title this post, Gifts for The Brick Head, but I wasn’t so sure all my readers without children would get that little joke. I think it goes without saying, my son is obsessed with Legos.  Any time you ask him what he wants for Christmas, Legos are always in the top three [...]

Celebrated With A Romantic Deer

15th, crystal anniversary

Last Thursday was our “crystal” anniversary – 15 years.  It’s a huge milestone and I am sure you are all tired of hearing about it, but I cannot let it go just yet.  I told you FringeMan wanted to celebrate 15 years with tall, cold glasses of Crystal Light, but I wanted more, something to [...]

Pay it Forward

lake on a sunny day

About seven or eight weeks ago, before we left on our long trip, one of my husband’s customers went to an Amish auction and stopped by our house to share his haul with us.  We tend to develop friendships with many of my husband’s customers.  No reason you cannot be friends with the people at [...]

Christmas Sale!


Because I love Christmas… and sales… and last-minute shoppers… I’m sharing a coupon code with you my radically awesome blog-readers. Use the coupon code BLOGREADER and enjoy 20% off a 4oz. bottle of Fringe Vanilla. Enjoy! Visit the Fringe Shop on Etsy today.

A Good Bottle of Fringe Vanilla Will Change Your Life

fringe vanilla photos 009

A good bottle of Fringe Vanilla will change your life. Or something like that. I have a few bottles of 100% pure vanilla homemade extract available for sale in my Etsy shop. Everybody’s using it. You know you want to pour some in your coffee, make a batch of snickerdoodles, and whip up some fresh [...]

Happy Holiday Blessings, Day 14 – 31 Days of Happy

Pinterest, via kwavs.blogspot.com

I don’t want to jump the gun and be like the super-stores that already have Christmas trees up, but we cannot deny the holidays are coming.  Soon we’ll be roasting turkeys, wondering why on earth they aren’t cooked yet, and baking cookies for Santa. We’ll be busy with family and friends and we won’t have [...]

I Thought I Used All My Words


Blogland, it’s been forever! I thought maybe I had used up all my words and I’d never blog again.  Well, not really, but maybe I thought that for a half-second.  I have plenty of words, but not an abundance of time.  So, you’ll get the highlights. We left for the great, frozen state of Maine [...]

The Age of The e-Reader


My husband surprised me with a nook for my birthday/Valentines Day.  Although I adore my nook, I love my husband more.  The fact that he strayed from our usual twenty-dollar gifts made me all the more excited. Back in February we attempted to do a joint vlog and showcase my nook; however, Regis & Kelly [...]