How Pinterest Helped Me Find My Style

How Pinterest Helped Me Find My Style

For the longest time, I never really knew my style. I like old, new, modern, vintage, and country.  Throw in touches of white paint and I’m a shabby hodge-podge of style.  My decor ends up looking more like a community yard sale than a well-thought collection of things that reflect my personality, but for girls […]

DIY New Year’s Eve Party Decorations

DIY New Year's Eve decorations

I’ve never decorated for New Years before, but my daughter is getting older and she loves a good party.  Besides, my brother-in-law and his family are coming to ring in the New Year with us, so we decided to make things festive, because our house wasn’t festive enough with Christmas decorations and birthday balloons everywhere.  […]

Some Make it Beautiful: DIY

others make a place beautiful 3

SOME PEOPLE LOOK FOR A BEAUTIFUL PLACE OTHERS MAKE A PLACE BEAUTIFUL Isn’t that so true? Now, granted, some of us do a better job making our places beautiful than others.  Beauty is in the eye (and pocketbook) of the beholder.  I do not do nearly as good a job as most people, but I […]

They Spoke to Me

Red Flower Plates

I have a weakness for kitchen stuff. It’s quite ironic really, because I’m just not that fond of the kitchen. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy pretty-ing the place up. If I can’t love cooking, at least I can love the room I cook in. When I was in Georgia, these dishes and bowls screamed my […]

Home Improvements Make Me Happy (& Crazy)


It’s Friday.  I’ve been out of the blogging loop for so long (yes, two weeks is really long in blog time) that I don’t know where to begin.  I do know that a contractor just left my house after installing a new chimney and wood stove.  I can’t wait to get burning and make my […]

A Different Kind of Summer

All photos via Pinterest

Are you doing anything differently since it’s summer? We are.  I know that just because the calendar turns a page and the sun shines strong doesn’t mean everyone gets time off from work.  That stinks.  I think an eight week mandatory paid vacation should exist for all non-essential jobs.  Or maybe only the winter lovers […]

What’s Black & White and Pink all over?


My baby is growing up and I’m not really sure if I like it.  That’s the truth. She thought her yellow room, full of pastels and fluff, was too babyish. But there were butterflies flying on her walls! I didn’t care if she had her flowered sheets since she was two.  Once upon a time […]

The Post That Never Ends & A Photo Contest


I almost have nothing to say.  I even considered making this post pictures only, but it’s against my nature.  So here’s the basic weekend recap and the Summer Series photo contest. Saturday night we went to a ballgame, complete with salty/buttery popcorn and bleachers that give bottom aches. Nothing says America like baseball, except for […]

In Lieu of Red, White, and Blue


Will you feel terrible if I don’t write a sappy 4th of July post? You can read this one from last year or this one from the year before if you really need a booster shot of patriotism.  I do apologize to my all-American readers.  In fact, I’ll probably write a recap later in the […]

Good Enough for Grandma

We are never satisfied. I’m not talking about our children, we expect them to continue wanting until they reach maturity.  I am talking about us – women.  Maybe social climates are the same for men.  I’m not sure.  I can only speak from experience and observation. Mothers are competing with their sixteen year-old daughters to […]

Split Personality


We are on the cusp of winter.  I am certain, because we had snow flurries yesterday.  My kids act like Snoopy when the first snow falls, dancing around with their open mouths upturned toward the gray sky. A celebration of winter. Winter brings inventory time.  I yell to my kids and ask what they need […]

In The Mood For Fall


Today I thought I would share this photo to help get you in the mood for fall, and we all know nothing says fall like orange pumpkin cheeks! Go visit week #3 of the Fall Festival over at This Blessed Nest for more great fall posts. I also want to say thank you to all […]

Fall Festival…In My Living Room?


Every Wednesday in September This Blessed Nest is hosting a Fall Festival.  Today I decided to participate, because I love fall.  I am also linking to the 3rd. Annual Fall Nesting Party over at The Inspired Room.  Never thought I would be saying this, but I am almost looking forward to summer leaving.  Yes, me, […]

The Day Christmas August?

Beautiful Patchwork Quilt

You know how we tell our children that Christmas isn’t all about the presents?  Well, Friday was all about the presents for me.  It was the day I thought Christmas had come in August. With a thud heard around the house, the mailman dropped a great big box on my doorstep.  Both FringeKid and I […]

Yard Sale Snags


I am about to disappoint every single one of you, because you want to hear about how I am spending my $1,000 miracle money.  Unfortunately, I’m making you wait another day.  It’s nothing grand anyway; however, it requires explanation and I’m in a crunch for time. Besides, I haven’t been yardsaling in FOREVER.  It’s bad […]

Decorating With Kid Art


I keep waiting for one of the big style blogs to do a post on Decorating With Dust, because I seem to have mastered this art form; however, I’ll need to wait for dust to become a fad before I get featured.  So instead of dust, I’ll show you how I’ve decorated with some of […]