Fire in My Child’s Eyes

Fire in My Child's Eyes: A Humorous Look at Family Life, specificially in the kitchen

Tonight as we were eating dinner, my husband asked, “Where is that draft coming from?” It’s seemed cold in the house today and he thought perhaps one of our basement windows blew out.  That happened back in January.  The force of the snow coming from the neighbor’s snowblower blew out a window and our pipes [...]

Teenagers, A Lot Like FLesh-Eating Diseases

14th birthday party - edited with Waterlogue App

My son had a birthday party this weekend. Eleven teenagers did not just fill my living room, they consumed it.  The life (and noise) emanating from my little house probably registered on someone’s Richter scale.  Then I fed them pizza, Doritos and Mountain Lightening (hey, I’m cheap. at least I bought the real Doritos.). Once [...]

Stir Crazy – It’s a State of Mind

Stir Crazy - We're playing games and doing John Lenon impressions. Scary times people.

It’s January. I know, news flash, right?  You have a calendar too.  I get it, but it’s January. This she-bear can only hibernate for so long before she gets a little stir crazy, and by “stir crazy” I mean I’m grasping at any reason to leave the house.  I may have waited outside in the [...]

How I Nearly Killed A Missionary

God's Got My Bakc - The Story about How I Almost Killed a Missionary

Did I ever tell you about the time I poisoned a missionary? No? Funny how some things just slip my mind. Till this day, I don’t feel bad about it.  He was pretty merciless with me.  Picked on me constantly, even though he and his sweet family were staying in our house, the Maine house. [...]

Worst Mother-of-the-Year Award is in The Bag

bank vault

She’s in an antique bank vault and it has nothing to do with today’s story.  Of course it doesn’t.   I’ve got this award girls, so quit trying. I am well on my way to winning the Worst Mother-of-the-Year Award. I think it’s December.  I seem to have troubles in this month.  Perhaps there’s just [...]

Splurging for An Ugly Christmas

Splurging for Ugly This Christmas - A story about my ugly tree.

Friends, this is all absolute truth.  If you ever want to celebrate an ugly Christmas, I am your stylist.  Call me for a Christmas 411 and I shall bring my magic bag filled with all kinds of ugly surprises.  I’m talented that way. After several years of living on a shoestring budget, I decided that [...]

Dye Job – Mama Never Prepared Me for This

Beauty and vanity are old campanions

Being a woman isn’t easy. It’s mostly the hair.  It’s a part-time job keeping up with the hair.  A thankless job, I might add.  We’re overwhelmed by hair and most of it needs to be removed.  The rest has to be dyed. Nobody ever compliments us on how well we shave our legs or how [...]

Who Do you See in The Mirror?

Who do you see in the mirror?

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the thinnest girl of all?” The day I lost my skinny mirror, my life shattered. Ok, maybe that’s a tad exaggerated, but STILL! Once, my mirror reflected my lumps and bumps as straight lines and smooth surfaces.  I loved this mirror almost as much as I loved my [...]

Playing Doctor

Sunset @The Domestic Fringe

Last night we were in the doctors.  My son has a sinus infection and we managed to get the very last appointment of the day. When the nurse asked how long he’s had symptoms, I said, “It began on Friday.” My son, the one who if I say the sky is blue must say it’s [...]

Living in The Now – a look at life in the present

Sunflower @

Living in The Now – a look at life in the present   Five thirty is being very unkind to me. I’m not a morning person by nature (you would know that if you saw me stumbling around with my eyes half-open) and my husband works odd hours.  This summer when the kids and I [...]

I Already Screwed-Up The Sixth Grade

sixth grade orientation

I already screwed up sixth grade and we’ve only had orientation. It wasn’t quite as bad of a mess-up as the time I chicken danced my way into the slow cooker after a school performance that my kid wasn’t in.  No, that was worse, but probably only because I made my husband sit through two-thirds [...]

Leave A Love Note in His Car

Marriage: Leave a Love Note in his car

Sometimes when the sun shines, I get crazy ideas. Today, I’m over at Fancy Little Things talking about the time I decided (on a whim) to leave a love note in my husband’s vehicle. He was on the job and the poor guy said he felt like “Joseph fleeing Potipher’s wife”, only I guess in [...]

because parenting takes creativity, we’ve got Butt Roots

humor with children - because sometimes

Last night I was lamenting photo-less weekend.  “Now I won’t have a Hello Monday post for tomorrow.” My son, the one who used the word auspicious in conversation just moments earlier said, “Have a Mom Monday instead.” Now that’s not a bad idea, but it would require my children to do something funny, because let’s [...]

DIY Shower Cap

Cute couple from The Domestic Fringe

This morning, I showered with a bag on my head. Too much information? Not only does my husband go get my thigh busting videos from the library, but he also gets me a shower-caps at eleven o’clock at night. Only, there’s not a shower cap to be found in my town at that time of [...]

Haunted by A Kazoo

500 Miles with A Kazoo - Why mom's should NEVER hide noisy toys. Learn from my mistakes.

  Have you ever heard “Taps” played on a kazoo? No? Me either, until recently. The tune is about as mournful and haunting as a kazoo can be, and believe me, I’ve been haunted by a kazoo for a quite a few years now. One of my earliest childhood memories is of my mom, eyes [...]

A Mother’s Day Gift from My Grandma

kids playing with water guns on a spring day

  My  grandmother (who passed away several years ago) gave me a bracelet for Mother’s Day.  This year! I was as surprised as you, but on Saturday night, I found a white box with a paper lid and it said, “To mom.  From FringeKid (only she used her real name) and great-grandma.” Inside was a [...]