We Made it at The Bead and Gem Shop

The Bead Shop

Yesterday I told you how my daughter’s camp was canceled and I was the official new camp, translate “FUN” counselor. Since I don’t necessarily conquer the great outdoors (that’s FringeMan’s forte), we headed for the bead shop. These were just a few of the beads they had to choose from.  Each glass dish held a [...]

Sponsor’s Spotlight: Gorgeous Handmade Jewelry from Lew’s

Lew's Jewelry - July Sponsor @ thedomesticfringe.com

  Today I get to introduce you to this month’s Sponsor, Sarah from Lew’s Jewelry. The first time I visited her website, I absolutely fell in love with her gorgeous handmade jewelry.  It’s hard to even pick my favorite piece, because I like them all so much. I think you may feel the same way; [...]

WIWW: Deep in The Heart of Summer

WIWW Colorful Dot Statement Necklace

Hi friends!  We’re deep in the heart of summer. I only have one outfit for What I Wore Wednesday.  I’m sorry, but it’s been quite hot and I haven’t actually looked very nice.  I changed my shirt three times already today.  It’s really been that hot, but no complaints from me.  I’m just glad I’m [...]

Risking Hypothermia for You

women's leather boots and boot socks

I haven’t been warm since August and that seems like a really long time ago.  It’s been frigidly cold here on the fringe, so cold cars don’t like to start and people’s pipes burst. Twelve below zero is not for the faint of heart. And today was our big warm up – thirty-six degrees and [...]

Heart of A War Bride

vintage war bride ring of love

Today I am linking with a Mom2MemphisAndRuby for Thrifty Finds Link Party. Hope over and see lots of other great finds…after you read this post and see mine. My name is Ade Johnson.  I was born in Brooklyn, New York  on a warm summer’s night in 1920.  I am the oldest of four children, three [...]

Happy Ever After, Day #2 – 31 Days of Happy

fairy godmother

I am happily married. That doesn’t mean that every single day of our marriage has been pure bliss.  We’ve had problems just like every other couple in the history of mankind, but when a problem arises, we work through it, get help if we need it, and continue in the happy {ly} ever after.  We’ve [...]

Charmed by The Bubble Man

double charm

Sorry I missed Fiction Friday.  I know you think it was on purpose, but it wasn’t. Thursday was a bad day.  BAD day. Friday was better. I’ll choose not to elaborate. Thursday night, I cooked pizza bites (because I’m healthy that way).   It was a real party around here.  My son’s friend spent the [...]

Refashion 80′s Style, T-Shirt Tutorial

Pinterest via flamingotoes.com

Perhaps this T-shirt refashion stems from my being a child of the 1980′s.  I’m not sure.  I am sure that I will not teach you how to put 100 slashes in the back of your t-shirt, and I will not teach you how to cut your t-shirt so it hangs off one shoulder.  I’m also [...]

Spring Shopping this Fashion Friday


Isn’t it interesting how quickly topics change on this blog? I like to think it keeps things from getting too boring.  Others may say my blog lacks focus, is too random, and will not build a readership when everyday is written for a different audience. I say, oh well.  Although, I could stand a little [...]

Food, Fashion, Affection on Friday

2 days on the Hudson

I’m over at Adding Zest to Your Nest today talking about marriage, specifically showing affection within a marriage. If you want to come visit me, click HERE. ————————————————————————————————– Now we’re going to talk Food and Fashion, because I’ve been making killer turkey sandwiches and walking through the mall. First the food. Turkey and cranberry sauce [...]

FringeMan & Women’s Jewelry


During my ‘tween’ years, formerly known as bratty kid years, the FringeParents decided that I could finally get my ears pierced.  Considering I knew several infants who had their ears pierced, this parental concession didn’t thrust me into pre-pubescent pride; however, I was happy to finally have a tiny hole drilled through my lobe. Being [...]