I be Jammin

Blackberry Jam - I be Jammin

Ya’ll, (I feel like I should say ya’ll now, since I’ve been in the south for nearly a month; however, I’m still confused on where to place my apostrophe. I’m sure “ya’ll – y’all” have opinions, so feel free to share.) I made blackberry jam today. #whatwasithinking An hour into the ordeal, I thought I was going to lose my mind. I’m here to tell

Low Cost Recipes – Less Money, More Food

Low Cost Meal: Beans & Rice

October is all about finding the Cheap Tricks that help us live for less.  We’ve talked about discerning needs vs. wants and how we can end impulse spending.  Then we talked about making DIY liquid laundry soap and shower cleaner, but this week our focus is in the kitchen. Food costs money, but with a few cheap tricks, we can reduce our grocery bill and

Recipe: Steak Roll-Ups

Low Cost Recipe: Steak Roll-Ups

I’ve been in a cooking slump to end all cooking slumps. I refuse to admit how many meals I’ve ruined in a row, but it’s gotten so bad that last night I made macaroni and cheese from a box and heated frozen green beans as a side. I didn’t trust myself to ruin any more good food. I know I’ll come out of this slump.

Blueberry Jam Explosion

Blueberries for Jam

A bowl of berries + a lot of sugar = Blueberry Jam (or not)   I just finished making ten jars of syrup.  I was shooting for blueberry jam, but something went terribly wrong. I guess we’ll just have to trade up from toast to pancakes. I knew things were getting out of control when I underestimated the size of the pot I needed to

Banana Split Cake – A Recipe

A recipe: Banana Split Cake

Hi! My name is Christy and I write the blog My Invisible Crown. I started in September of 2012 as a creativity outlet mostly since my kids are getting older and need me now in different, less time consuming ways than they did when they were small. My Invisible Crown is predominantly about food, it’s truly one of my great passions, but occasionally you’ll see

Double Chocolate

chocolate sheet cake butter cream frosting

It’s Thursday, a double chocolate kind of day.  If you are from some alternate universe without taste buds and you do not like chocolate, I apologize.  Maybe we’ll have a double vanilla Tuesday or something, but today is all about the chocolate. And the garlic. Yup.  I said garlic. Chocolate + Garlic = Bad Bread + Satisfied Cravings That my friends is an algebraic equation. 

5 Cooking Short-Cuts

baked eggs frozen on the go breakfast

I know you are all leery about taking cooking tips from me.  I mean, I can’t even blame you.  I did show you a picture of my upside-down-chicken, and I admitted to baking whole cloves into a loaf of bread. The truth is I’m really not to be trusted in the kitchen, not alone anyway, but here’s the thing, I have been cooking for about