Two are Better than One

Two are better than one.

Two are better than one.  Sure, that’s in the Bible and we always think of it in terms of marriage, but the application of that truth is so much broader than husband and wife. We need a team. Each of us has our own strengths and we’re pretty good on our own, but when we [...]



When my daughter was really young, her favorite movie was Finding Nemo.  She would watch it again, and again, and again, until I began rooting for the little red-head with pigtails and braces. In fact, she liked the movie so much I made her a quilt with Nemo printed fabric. I know, a quilt!  Who [...]

Stir Crazy – It’s a State of Mind

Stir Crazy - We're playing games and doing John Lenon impressions. Scary times people.

It’s January. I know, news flash, right?  You have a calendar too.  I get it, but it’s January. This she-bear can only hibernate for so long before she gets a little stir crazy, and by “stir crazy” I mean I’m grasping at any reason to leave the house.  I may have waited outside in the [...]

How I Nearly Killed A Missionary

God's Got My Bakc - The Story about How I Almost Killed a Missionary

Did I ever tell you about the time I poisoned a missionary? No? Funny how some things just slip my mind. Till this day, I don’t feel bad about it.  He was pretty merciless with me.  Picked on me constantly, even though he and his sweet family were staying in our house, the Maine house. [...]

Personal Goals for 2014

Laundromat People

I pretty much fell off the face of blogland. What’s that?  You didn’t notice? I didn’t think so. Since I’m quite proficient at waiting until the last-minute, the days leading up to Christmas were pretty busy, not necessarily exciting or productive, just busy.  I messed up a batch of cinnamon rolls and then spent Christmas [...]

Splurging for An Ugly Christmas

Splurging for Ugly This Christmas - A story about my ugly tree.

Friends, this is all absolute truth.  If you ever want to celebrate an ugly Christmas, I am your stylist.  Call me for a Christmas 411 and I shall bring my magic bag filled with all kinds of ugly surprises.  I’m talented that way. After several years of living on a shoestring budget, I decided that [...]

MOPS Called & Told Me to Bring my Voice

I'm hoping for very great things, because there's a whole lot of stupid going on over here.

I’m trying to psych myself up for a full and very busy week, but my heart is still in holiday mode.  I don’t think I’ll be able to shake the festive spirit until the last of the turkey is consumed and that could be a while. Do you ever feel like we jump from one [...]

Who Do you See in The Mirror?

Who do you see in the mirror?

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the thinnest girl of all?” The day I lost my skinny mirror, my life shattered. Ok, maybe that’s a tad exaggerated, but STILL! Once, my mirror reflected my lumps and bumps as straight lines and smooth surfaces.  I loved this mirror almost as much as I loved my [...]

Chalkboard Paint & Wall Decals

Eclectic Home Office / Playroom - Home

This is the chalkboard wall that changed my life. Ok, not really, but I’m surprised by how much I like it.  I was really afraid to paint an entire wall in chalkboard paint.  I thought it might make the room look like a cave and I definitely didn’t want my son and his friends to [...]

3 Things, One Tattoo, & A Golden Antler

Tattoo of Boots Nailed to the Cross

I’ve been a little off this fall. I mean, I didn’t put out one pumpkin in my house.  Not one.  I thought about it, but when I went looking for my “fall” decorations, I couldn’t find the box, because I think it’s buried behind our Christmas decorations and I just wasn’t that committed to being [...]

Instagram: Life in Photos

Instagram: Kid's Scarecrow costume

Friends, I’m short five posts for my 31 Day Cheap Tricks series. I’ll catch up, but I’m not stressing over it. I’m giving myself permission to breathe and to get it done when I can. Hope you understand. Now, lets take a look some Instagram pictures.  If you’re not following along, please do! This is [...]

Living in The Now – a look at life in the present

Sunflower @

Living in The Now – a look at life in the present   Five thirty is being very unkind to me. I’m not a morning person by nature (you would know that if you saw me stumbling around with my eyes half-open) and my husband works odd hours.  This summer when the kids and I [...]

Amazing Grace

Last night was a sad night at church. When tragedy strikes in a small group, it’s different from when you have a thousand or even a hundred people.  It’s all-consuming.  It demands attention, not only from a few, but from all. Saturday night, a young mama fed and rocked her infant and then that little [...]

Insta Friday: Finding Paul Bunyan

Insta Friday: Paul Bunyan

It seems we found Paul Bunyan. He’s living at the water park we visited. I love that my daughter will still pose for fun pictures. My son just walks away and when I do get a photo, he’s terribly picky. He wants retakes. This is what happens at thirteen. Heaven help me when my daughter [...]

T2 Videos – Women helping Women

T2 Videos - Women helping Women

A couple of years ago, I was asked to speak at a women’s fellowship in Maine.  I am not speaker by any stretch of the imagination.  If given the choice, I would have been much more comfortable writing out a talk and mailing it up. Growing up, my family told me I talked and talked [...]

Insta Friday – We’re Like the New Duck Dynasty

mother and daughter night out

  I think I may have overdone the “insta” pictures this week, but I just couldn’t help myself. It’s so easy to snap away with a phone. These were the best blueberry muffins. Even FringeMan, who is most certainly not a muffin man, liked them very much. You can find the recipe here. Except I [...]