Electrify My Bed

mrs. kravitz

A few days of sunshine and my face is so speckled I don't recognize myself in the mirror; however, the effects of the sun reach deep, changing more than my skin's surface.  I suddenly find myself doing silly things like jumping rope and leaving unsigned notes on the front seat of a certain man's Jeep. With the pockets of my sweatshirt stuffed with tissues, an asthma inhaler, and cell phone, I searched the kitchen for Oriana's leash.  My eyes lighted on the silver links just as an image of FringeMan filtered through my mind.  He was working on a house in our town and I knew the road.  … [Read more...]

Maxine and My Marriage’s Meltdown


After being wed only a few short weeks and still enjoying matrimonial bliss, FringeMan made the mistake that would end all joy and rock our united world. It was under warm covers layered in love that FringMan rolled toward me, arms outstretched and sleep still gluing his eyes shut.  Huskily he murmured "Cynthia" while running his hand up into my hair. "CYNTHIA!"  I screamed jumping up fully awake.  My blood pressure probably caused once sleeping vessels to pop in my head. FringeMan, no longer asleep and wishing this were a dream, knew he was as dead as the animals he hunted. "Did I … [Read more...]