T2 Video on Marriage

T2 Video - Women helping Women

Friends, there’s a brand new T2 video with Danielle Peters, marriage writer over at Fancy Little Things and founder of the 72 Hour Club. It’s 17 1/2 minutes long and it’s a little better than first video.  We’re learning! We’re not learning too much though, because in the video, I look like I’m part of [...]

Date Night Ideas that Won’t Break The Bank

Cheap Date Night Ideas @ thedomesticfringe.com - 31 Days of Cheap Tricks, Living for Less

After sixteen years, I think we’re masters of the cheap date night.  Before we married, our dates weren’t so cheap, but after, well, let’s just say we had to learn to be in love without money. The other night my husband looked at me and said, “You wanna go out junking with me?” My son [...]

A Date Night On The Town

InStyle: Fall Fashion Trend - Snakeskin

I am going away this anniversary for twenty-four slow and luxurious hours.  At least, I hope they go by slowly, because this is the first time I’ve gone away alone with my husband since we had children – thirteen years ago. Wait, I must auto-correct.  We went away overnight once, but it was 100% business.  [...]

Leave A Love Note in His Car

Marriage: Leave a Love Note in his car

Sometimes when the sun shines, I get crazy ideas. Today, I’m over at Fancy Little Things talking about the time I decided (on a whim) to leave a love note in my husband’s vehicle. He was on the job and the poor guy said he felt like “Joseph fleeing Potipher’s wife”, only I guess in [...]

My Journey to Motherhood, Part 2

Vintage Baby Carriage: First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage.

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage. That’s why I was ready to have a baby right after I said I do. My husband, on the other hand, was slightly baby-phobic, and it wasn’t just the messy diapers that scared him off. ***** Inspired by Melanie (Big Mama) [...]

Poisoned Cake & 80′s T-Shirts

HELLO NEW RECIPE Source: bigredkitchen.com via Bee on Pinterest You must try this pumpkin cake.  Don’t even think about it, just bake it.  I am pretty sure it counts as health food, especially with a whole can of pumpkin in the ingredient list. Did I mention it only has two ingredients? Two. Original recipe HERE. [...]

Celebrated With A Romantic Deer

15th, crystal anniversary

Last Thursday was our “crystal” anniversary – 15 years.  It’s a huge milestone and I am sure you are all tired of hearing about it, but I cannot let it go just yet.  I told you FringeMan wanted to celebrate 15 years with tall, cold glasses of Crystal Light, but I wanted more, something to [...]

No Fear in Love

no fear in love Bible verse printable.

My birthday in mid-February marked the beginning of the roller-coaster of love. By the end of the month FringeMan, in his casual and laid-back way, dragged me into a jewelry store to determine which shape diamond I would want if at any time in the near future he may be in the market for buying [...]

Love is Crystal Clear

FringeMan and I have a history of poorly celebrated anniversaries.  It does not diminish our love or the forever after pledge we made almost fifteen years ago, but it does make us really bad romantics. This lack of romance is mostly my fault.  You see, my husband’s love language is camouflage and I married him [...]

Harley Dreams

Harley Davidson Shop

The other day I went to the Harley Davidson shop with my husband.  I don’t like it there, but I do it to keep my marriage sweet, just like he sometimes gets out of the car and actually enters Hobby Lobby.  I think he’s mildly allergic to Hobby Lobby, because he gets goose bumps and [...]

A Talk About Marriage

matrimonial Monday

And they shall become One “What’s wrong with the car?” I nervously asked my husband. One hand gripped the seat and the other held on to the door handle while our car fishtailed through three inches of slushy snow. My husband pulled over, attempting to locate a mechanical malfunction while brushing persistent flakes from his [...]

When Little Girls Grow Up

application to date my daughter

I’m sitting with my coffee in a silent house feeling a bit nostalgic.  I just sent my daughter to school looking more like a teenager than a little girl.  All of a sudden, I don’t like that. I’ve seen her in a silly animal hat so many days that I forget how quickly she’s growing [...]

Date Night & The Angels Sang Hallelujah


About a week and half ago, I pleaded with facebook to send me a babysitter.  Actually, I only needed a child sitter, because all my babies are grown-up, and child sitting is easy…feed them junk food and turn on the television. I am happy to report one angelic sole stepped up to the plate and [...]

Throwing Red & Pink M&M’s Your Way

Hey Peeps! Ok, I never say peeps, but I have marshmallow chicks on the mind.  I am dieting you know. Let’s kick this month of love off the right way, with Romance on a Budget.  That’s what I’m talking about today at An Army of Ermas. Come visit me and I promise you’ll laugh, you’ll [...]

Listing My Life on Sunday


1.  The time change really through me a bit out of wack.  It’s probably because I haven’t figured out how to resent my alarm clock, but my internal time system went haywire about twelve hours ago.  I just hugged my son and told him, “You really need to get to bed.”  He looked at me [...]

Happy Ever After, Day #2 – 31 Days of Happy

fairy godmother

I am happily married. That doesn’t mean that every single day of our marriage has been pure bliss.  We’ve had problems just like every other couple in the history of mankind, but when a problem arises, we work through it, get help if we need it, and continue in the happy {ly} ever after.  We’ve [...]