Man Chips

Man Chips - Steak Flavored Ruffled Chips

“Get up.  What are you doing sleeping?” My mother nudged me until I lifted my head, heavy with sleep, off the couch cushion.  I tried to focus on her, but my eyes were blurry and she was so loud.  I didn’t need to see her anyway.  After twenty-0ne years, I knew what she looked like. “Why are you home?  You’re not dressed.  Go get dressed.”

First Baby I Loved – Journey to Motherhood, Part 1

children tell us why we can try

When I was a child, I didn’t think too much about motherhood or becoming a mother myself.  I suppose I knew I would have a baby one day, because that’s what girls seemed to do, but I never planned it out. I did play with dolls though, and there were a few I loved. One of my babies had a hard plastic face with swath

Best of 2012

February Collage

I was two completely different people in 2012.  That’s what I took away from reviewing this year on my blog.  Good grief!  The first three months of the year were depressing.  Thank you for sticking it out. I’m joining Musings of A Housewife for a 2012 Recap.  Visit for more of your favorite blog’s reviews of this past year. And here is the button code:

Family Tree – DIY

Me & My Mother-in-Law

This weekend we attended a family reunion for my husband’s side of the family.  We had tons of fun and ate the most amazing food all day long, but what really impressed me was that my husband’s cousin came up with the idea of making a family tree.  She’s a genius.  I looked all over facebook for a photo of her at the family reunion

I’m Having a Baby: My Pregnancy Story

My Pregnancy Story

    I remember the year of my second pregnancy as the waddle and wail.  Showing at two and a half days into conception, I walked like a duck for a full forty weeks.  Near the end, I had to arch my upper half so far backwards that I feared I would never again remember how to walk fully upright. I was an anomaly –