Man Chips

Man Chips - Steak Flavored Ruffled Chips

“Get up.  What are you doing sleeping?” My mother nudged me until I lifted my head, heavy with sleep, off the couch cushion.  I tried to focus on her, but my eyes were blurry and she was so loud.  I didn’t need to see her anyway.  After twenty-0ne years, I knew what she looked like. [...]

First Baby I Loved – Journey to Motherhood, Part 1

children tell us why we can try

When I was a child, I didn’t think too much about motherhood or becoming a mother myself.  I suppose I knew I would have a baby one day, because that’s what girls seemed to do, but I never planned it out. I did play with dolls though, and there were a few I loved. One [...]

Best of 2012

February Collage

I was two completely different people in 2012.  That’s what I took away from reviewing this year on my blog.  Good grief!  The first three months of the year were depressing.  Thank you for sticking it out. I’m joining Musings of A Housewife for a 2012 Recap.  Visit for more of your favorite blog’s reviews [...]

Family Tree – DIY

Me & My Mother-in-Law

This weekend we attended a family reunion for my husband’s side of the family.  We had tons of fun and ate the most amazing food all day long, but what really impressed me was that my husband’s cousin came up with the idea of making a family tree.  She’s a genius.  I looked all over [...]

I’m Having a Baby: My Pregnancy Story

My Pregnancy Story

    I remember the year of my second pregnancy as the waddle and wail.  Showing at two and a half days into conception, I walked like a duck for a full forty weeks.  Near the end, I had to arch my upper half so far backwards that I feared I would never again remember [...]

DIY Canvas Photos

DIY Canvas Photo tutorial

Today I’d like to welcome Alissa from The Illiterate Author.  We go way back to the long-ago days in Maine when I had teeny little babies.  Alissa is an inspiring young woman who has bouquets of good things to offer blogland.  I’m so happy she’s here to share this DIY project with us. Welcome Alissa! [...]

The Things Kids Remember: Making Memories in the Little Moments

The things Kids Remember: Making Memories in the Little Moments

  It’s funny what kids remember.  The best memories are the ones parents least suspect.  My fondest childhood memories are: Homemade pizza on a snow day After-school walks with my grandmother that too often took us to a pizza place Playing Othello with my grandfather Stopping for a Wendy’s Frosty after my orthodontist appointments Picnics [...]

Summer is Synonymous With Swim


Some things transport me to summer even on snowy days when the windchill plummets temperatures below freezing.  The smell of sunscreen warms my heart and thaws my chilly mood.  I should skip the Vitamin D during the long gray days of winter and simply sniff sunscreen.  Seasonal Affective Disorder doesn’t stand a chance against SPF30. [...]

Experience The Thrill of Indoor Camping


I spent many summer nights in my childhood room with sheets spread from corner to corner, a coat stand propped in the center to keep the entire tent from collapsing on my slumbering head.  My kids are carrying on the tent-making tradition.  They spent last night on the floor between chairs and under blankets.  My [...]

The Road Trip that Made me Wash My Daughter’s Mouth with Soap


Today I’m over at An Army of Ermas reminiscing about everything but the kitchen sink.  Come join me on a road trip from Maine to Florida and hear about the totally gross and completely disgusting thing FringeKid did on a trip to the bathroom. After that lead, who would wouldn’t want to go read my [...]

A dirty day is a day well spent.


There are some days I will never forget.  On those days of greatest personal impact, I can remember the clothes I wore, the feelings churning in my stomach, and a myriad of insignificant details that get brain-stuck for all time. One such memory is the biggest dirt fight of my childhood, or rather the paternal [...]

Lessons from Mama

Lessons from Mama - Things my Mother taught me.

    When the telephone rings, the world is a good and happy place – wrongs are righted, arguments cease, and tears dry. My childhood is laced with moments of awe as I watched my mother transform from a fire-breathing – I’m going to half-kill you for that! – What were you ever thinking? – [...]

Devil Dog On My Porch – Dream Houe, Part 5

Limerick 13

Deep Fried Tomatoes & Bakes Potatoes, Part 6 Devil Dog on My Porch (Prt. 5) It’s Not Only The Moose Watching (Prt. 4) Closing – Not a Naked Dance (Prt. 3) Our Dream House (Prt. 2) From the Beginning (Prt. 1) “Really?  The house is still standing?”  John asked into the phone with me hanging [...]

Good Enough for Grandma

We are never satisfied. I’m not talking about our children, we expect them to continue wanting until they reach maturity.  I am talking about us – women.  Maybe social climates are the same for men.  I’m not sure.  I can only speak from experience and observation. Mothers are competing with their sixteen year-old daughters to [...]

I said THAT? 2010 Blog Recap

You’ll be happy know that one of my goals for 2011 is to use less words, but it’s still 2010, so you’re out of luck today.  So very sorry. I’m linking to Musings of a Housewife’s 2010 Recap Carnival.  Believe me, I don’t want to relive 2010, but I did get a few chuckles looking [...]

A Child of the 80′s

80s sitcoms

I was born in the mid …um…to late, but mostly mid late 1970′s.  Each and every childhood memory I have is right out of the 80′s. Hello, my name is Tricia.  I am a child of the 80′s, and I am proud of my side pony-tail. Can I get a witness? I don’t really miss [...]