I Don’t Like It, but I’ve Got to Do It

Since today is a shower scrubbing kind of day, I figured I may as well scrub up the blog a bit too.  I’ve been neglecting some blog maintenance.  It’s my least favorite part of this job.  Actually, my least favorite part is no paycheck, but this isn’t really a job, so I shan’t whine.  It’s all for fun around here and that’s the way I

My Mind – Streaming

Happiness over the sun shining several days in a row. Pain from a rogue migraine. Frustration. Enjoyment. Thankfulness. The mind battle over weather to eat the last scoop of ice-cream in the freezer or NOT. Intense love. Anger. Isn’t it amazing all the emotions we can go through in a day?  If you’re a hormonal woman, you can run through all those emotions in five

Ten Trivial Things I Know

I admittedly do not know much, but these few things I know. My son’s room will never be truly clean. Laundry is a constant. In America, free speech is welcomed until it clashes with mainstream media.  Then you best be silent or grow a very thick skin. My daughter is growing up because she wants me to do her hair every single morning.  This is

Try Something New

Via Pinterest by weheartit.com

I’ve been commissioned to try something new and then write an article about my experience with this new thing. Easy, right? Well, not so much. It’s the “new thing” that can get tricky. I have an idea.  I’ve even started work on it, but I thought I should broaden my horizons.  Just in case.  You know?  I’d hate for my “one thing” to turn into