WIWW – My Husband likes My Ugliest Outfit

multi-strand necklace from Kohl's

I’ve skipped WIWW twice, but this week I remembered to take pictures, almost every day.  If you’re new around here, I attempt to participate in What I Wore Wednesday each week, not because I’m delusional and think I’m a fashionista, but for simple motivation.  It embarrasses me into getting dresses and looking decent every day. [...]

Why I’m Not Getting The Mother-of-the-Year Award

silly FringeKids

The only two goals I have for summer are sleeping late and going swimming.  For real. I don’t even need a whole pack of markers to write those two things on a poster-board and make a fancy summer list, and it’s a good thing, because the markers have left the house.  Seriously.  Once there was [...]

Mothering Mishaps

Mothering Mishaps

Forget about the mother-of-the-year award.  Who needs one more things to dust and polish. Today is all about Mothering Mishaps.  Now, don’t you dare let me go on thinking I am the only mom who screws-up from time to time.  You better commiserate in the comments, because I am about to make you feel much, [...]

Summer Art – Be Inspired to Create With Your Kids

Summer Art - Be Inspired to Create With Your Kids

Photo courtesy of Sydney, The Charming Tyrants Summer Series – Day Three Summer Art So far I LOVE this Summer Series and am wondering why I didn’t think to host it sooner.  Shannan and Laura have been so wonderful in sharing their hearts and talents with us.  If you missed Summer Fun and Summer Fashion, [...]

House Fire – Family of 7 Left Homeless

No Fiction Friday today.  Some things are way more important than schedules.  This morning I sat down to my computer and found out a fire engulfed a home on Wednesday night, leaving Momfog and her family to face probably the biggest tragedy of their young lives. These are Momfog’s own words: The title of my [...]

A Dream Come True


The other day when the sun shone for a moment between rain, my kids called me outside.  Grasping at any excuse not to finish the laundry, I went running. My son handed me a rope and said, “Will you tie me to this pole?” I’ve waited all my life to hear him ask this one [...]