No Fuss Parenting

No Fuss Parenting - How I am Rearing my Kids

The internet is chock-full of parenting advice, maternal coping mechanisms, balms for the soul, guilt assuagers, rest for the weary, and pick-me-ups for the gloomy. It is an overwhelming place for this mom who doesn’t put that much thought into her daily routine of rearing her children.   No Cost English Lesson:  We rear children [...]

My Journey to Motherhood, Part 2

Vintage Baby Carriage: First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage.

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage. That’s why I was ready to have a baby right after I said I do. My husband, on the other hand, was slightly baby-phobic, and it wasn’t just the messy diapers that scared him off. ***** Inspired by Melanie (Big Mama) [...]

First Baby I Loved – Journey to Motherhood, Part 1

children tell us why we can try

When I was a child, I didn’t think too much about motherhood or becoming a mother myself.  I suppose I knew I would have a baby one day, because that’s what girls seemed to do, but I never planned it out. I did play with dolls though, and there were a few I loved. One [...]


Chinese style painting by child

My tagline says “making life extraordinary”, but no amount of fancy words can make today extraordinary.  In fact, it’s feels EXTRA ordinary. Early Morning Emails from Teachers -  No Coffee -  Too Little Sleep -  Lost Homework – Alarm Clocks that Didn’t Ring Some days the ordinary is absolutely overwhelming It makes me want to [...]

Crazy Is As Crazy Does

crazy owl hat2

Apparently I need a team of psychotherapists, at least that’s what my family thinks.  Lucky for me, they volunteered to fill the position. I delegated the job of kitchen clean-up duty to my children.  I decided it had been a long day and I was tired; therefore, my only job of the night would be [...]

I’m Having a Baby: My Pregnancy Story

My Pregnancy Story

    I remember the year of my second pregnancy as the waddle and wail.  Showing at two and a half days into conception, I walked like a duck for a full forty weeks.  Near the end, I had to arch my upper half so far backwards that I feared I would never again remember [...]

Summer Camp ~ History in the Making


When I think of summer camp, visions of team sports, horseback riding, swimming, and muddy clothes fill my mind with bad memories, but today there are as many varieties of summer camp as there are flavors of ice-cream. Last year, my son’s history teacher sent us a letter saying she’d like to pay for my [...]

Summer Art – Be Inspired to Create With Your Kids

Summer Art - Be Inspired to Create With Your Kids

Photo courtesy of Sydney, The Charming Tyrants Summer Series – Day Three Summer Art So far I LOVE this Summer Series and am wondering why I didn’t think to host it sooner.  Shannan and Laura have been so wonderful in sharing their hearts and talents with us.  If you missed Summer Fun and Summer Fashion, [...]

Why I know Skype was Not Invented by a Woman


Good morning Friday.  I’m glad to see you; however, I would prefer your sunny smile to your sad, gray mood.  We are wet with your tears.  No need to be sad.  It’s officially summer, and we need your warmth.  Our southern friends are bragging of your goodness, your smiling face, and the warm golden glow [...]

The Road Trip that Made me Wash My Daughter’s Mouth with Soap


Today I’m over at An Army of Ermas reminiscing about everything but the kitchen sink.  Come join me on a road trip from Maine to Florida and hear about the totally gross and completely disgusting thing FringeKid did on a trip to the bathroom. After that lead, who would wouldn’t want to go read my [...]

He Shot an Elephant in My Living Room


Today this child of mine attached a pin to a dart and shot an elephant with his blow gun.  As he brought me over to show me his kill, he said, “Now I just have to figure out how I can put some sleep poison on the dart.” I have a feeling this is going [...]

Mom, I think I’m growing up.

Growing-up helps me realize I cannot do it all, but more importantly, it helps me understand that I don’t want to do it all.  I’ve been to college twice, worked several jobs as different as the splits in my personality (split personality is not a clinical diagnosis for me, but rather the realization that I’m [...]

A Dream Come True


The other day when the sun shone for a moment between rain, my kids called me outside.  Grasping at any excuse not to finish the laundry, I went running. My son handed me a rope and said, “Will you tie me to this pole?” I’ve waited all my life to hear him ask this one [...]