Floods of Central New York


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, let’s see.     The towns that surround us were hit much harder than we were.  Please keep the people of Central New York in your prayers.  We have more rain in the forecast.  

Where I Live

neighborhood of burned out houses

We live in one of the most depressed areas in New York State. Our closest nearby city was once named the saddest city in America.  This region isn’t only economically depressed, but it’s downtrodden in spirit. Many people gave up on life long ago. My neighborhood is buckling sidewalks and burned out buildings. My neighborhood [...]

New York: Life in The Big Apple

It’s time to talk about New York, to take a bite of the Big Apple, and share my perception of life in the big city. Do you think New Yorkers are rude, self-absorbed, and impatient? Maybe they are, but perhaps that’s only because you are viewing them through small-town eyes. Today I am going to [...]

Fiction Friday: They Found the Murder Weapon

“There is no rule more invariable than that we are paid for our suspicions by finding what we suspect.”  ~ Henry David Thoreau Chapter 3 Lacy looked over to her purse sitting in the front passenger seat of her Wrangler.  She heard its’ incessant ringing and debated taking the call, but she wasn’t in the [...]

Are 200 more years possible? – Our Town’s Bicentennial Bash


Happy Birthday to Our Town, Happy Birthday to Our Town, Happy Birthday dear Our Town, Happy 200th Birthday to You! This weekend marked the 200th birthday of a little city in central New York.  Once upon a time this small city wasn’t so small.  It bustled with the thrill of new birth, a city blooming [...]

Food, Fashion, Affection on Friday

2 days on the Hudson

I’m over at Adding Zest to Your Nest today talking about marriage, specifically showing affection within a marriage. If you want to come visit me, click HERE. ————————————————————————————————– Now we’re going to talk Food and Fashion, because I’ve been making killer turkey sandwiches and walking through the mall. First the food. Turkey and cranberry sauce [...]

Deep Freeze

2 days on the Hudson 012

My eyelids are drooping down to my knees.  Are we having another Monday? Nobody warned me. I’m dreaming dreams of caffeinated beverages laced with chocolate and whipped cream.  These are happy dreams.  Please don’t wake me. I like the fact that my city does their best to remove portions of snow mounds that line the [...]

Jibber-Jabber & Bed Bugs

Holy Cow! IsitalreadyTHURSDAY? I think I just lost a week of my life to homeschooling, doctors appointments, and cooking. Oh, ya, that is my life! No pretending…I don’t even have anything semi-intelligent to talk to you about today.  Lets blame it on the fact that I am taking a combination of antihistamines that all make [...]

Summer Comes to Town


I was shocked to realize that the Fourth of July is this coming weekend.  I think it stems from living in Maine for so long, but I consider the 4th to be the day that catapults us into summer, full throttle.  In Maine, you cannot trust the months of April, May, or June, but you [...]

Growing up with Grass

Tricia in the hood

Once upon a time there lived a little girl without a penthouse or a college fund.  She played hopscotch on the sidewalks and tried her best to jump double-dutch; however, getting her little feet to step in time to the pounding beat of a double rope was tough. She lived in a land called New [...]

Randomly Lame Life


FringePup suffers from multiple personality disorder.  In this photo, I’ve captured her “Queen of the Arctic” persona, but just this morning she morphed into “Psychotic Biting Puppy”.  I shan’t divulge which personality explodes from her clenched jaw and fiery red pinhole eyes when the mailman approaches our porch; however, I may have seen droplets of [...]

Hit and Run

It was an early May Sunday morning when my father solemnly walked up the few flights of stairs into our apartment.  Growing up in my house, Sunday was the morning when my father traditionally went to the bakery before sunrise to buy rolls, bagels, and doughnuts.  To this day, I have a hard time understanding [...]

FringeFamilyNews & Excuses

Dark Hair, since you asked nicely

You may or may not have noticed that I have been a bit distracted from blogging in recent weeks.  I’m just not on top of my game.  Although I’m usually hovering alongside my game, I feel as if I’ve been dropping behind and I have an excuse.  I’m fairly good with excuses and most often they [...]

Extreme Museum Exhibit


If you live in New York or are planning a visit to the city, you really should spend a day at the American Museum of Natural History.  Going to museums is a nerdy New York thing to do. Upon entry into the museum you are greeted by two extra-large dinosaurs.  They bring you a newspaper [...]

The Beach in April


Due to excessive begging by the FringeKid’s, I took a break from raking, sweeping, and cleaning off all the patio chairs in order to go to the beach.  Oh, yes, the beach in New York in April.  Sounds like we’ve got a few screws loose, doesn’t it? In all fairness, it was at or around [...]

Meet The Parents

For You Mom

I am the child of a Portugal born truck driver and a phone talking taxi driver.  Well, my mother’s not really a cab driver, but she carted around enough of kids to do ’20 – to – life’ for violating current seatbelt laws. Robin from Shrink Rap would like to know more about my parents.  It’s [...]