It’s not only the Moose watching…Part 4

Dirty Clothes in Limerick reno

Deep Fried Tomatoes & Bakes Potatoes, Part 6 Devil Dog on My Porch (Prt. 5) It’s Not Only The Moose Watching (Prt. 4) Closing – Not a Naked Dance (Prt. 3) Our Dream House (Prt. 2) From the Beginning (Prt. 1) I am convinced if it were not for the young and verifiably insane, we [...]

D.I.Y Translates C.R.Y.


We decided to tear up our bathroom since Thursday is Thanksgiving and we are expecting my sister-in-law and her family right after the turkey glut.  I mean, why not begin a major renovation just prior to a major holiday and out-of-town guests? Doesn’t everyone do that? Sometimes there is no motivation equal to a house-guest, [...]

Freaky House Photo Friday – the evolution of my living room

Living Room As Purchased

This post has been edited to take part in Thrifty Decor Chick’s Before and After and My Frugal Family.  Go visit HERE and HERE. When I learned that Julia from Hooked on Houses was hosting a Freaky House Photo Friday, I knew I found my destiny.  Finally an opportunity for the un-styled and ugly to [...]

The Bedroom – Behind Closed Doors


I know you want to see my kitchen and I’ve taken pictures, but I just don’t think you’ll be able to catch my vision yet and retain any hope that one day I will be cooking in a kitchen that would make Paula Dean jealous.  Let’s just say I have enough outlets to single-handedly provide [...]

A Recycler at Heart


Here’s the plain ugly truth about me. I pick through people’s garbage. Sometimes. I often complain that my daughter looks like a bag lady no matter how much effort I put into her appearance.  She only stays neat and clean for precious few minutes.  She could do a commercial where she plays a poor English [...]

The Stairs


After I decided that I just could not squat to paint one more baseboard, I got the unfortunate notion to pull up the rug on our staircase.  Now it doesn’t look so bad in this picture, but I’m positive the previous tenants of this house (it was rented our for a while) did not own [...]