Chalk Paint: How does it hold up?

Chalk Paint: How does it hold up? An honest review by a novice DIY'er.

I want to give you a little update on the desk I painted with a homemade chalk paint mixture.  I had not previously used this method and I was more than a bit skeptical.  I mean, it seems weird to mix paint with plaster.  Add the final step of waxing painted furniture and it sounded [...]

Best of DIY – 2013

Best DIY of 2013

Best of DIY – 2013 Top:  Marshmallow Shooter – We made these for my kids 1/2 year birthday parties in the park.  They were definitely the hit of the party, especially with the grownups. Middle Left:  Home Office Transformation – I love, love, love this office/playroom space.  The chalkboard wall is so much fun and [...]

DIY: Trash to Treasure Desk Renovation

DIY Stain Painted Desktop Renovation

I am a master at creating work for myself. I could have ordered a compact desk for sixty dollars and spent an hour putting it together, but that would have been too easy. Instead, I spotted an old teacher’s desk put to the curb.  It was dismantled and in several states of disrepair.  I knew [...]

DIY Bathroom Renovation – Before & After

Bathroom Renovation - Owl Bath mat

Since we’re all friends here, I’m going to ask you to show me a little grace.  This post needs grace and maybe a teeny bit of imagination. I’ve not claimed to be a style, DIY, or home blog.  Not at all.  I’m just living my little life in my tiny part of this world and [...]

Before & After: New Paint & Gallery Wall

DIY: Gallery Wall

If you follow along on facebook, you know I had a coupon for a free sample of paint, actually two samples.  I’m not great at choosing paint colors.  I have 5 gallons of the ugliest paint on the planet to prove my history of bad choices, but I am extremely impressed by Valspar’s spring line [...]

If I Ever Learn To…

2 days on the Hudson 115

It’ll be a miracle if I ever learn to take a descent picture with my auto-focus camera. You’ll have to forgive my lack of talent. I’m about to show you what a woman does who is snowed in for too long. She paints five layers of polish on her nails. Isn’t it cool though? I [...]



The other day I found a freshly painted green patch floating in a wall of brick.  Thankfully I had my camera. Green is good. I’m not sure, but I think he’s waiting for run-off from the gutter.  No, I did not teach him to do that.

Blue Freckled Walls


Either you guys learned to read on decorating magazines or I do not watch nearly enough HGTV.  I asked for living room advice and you gave it to me.  I appreciate all the good ideas, emails, and in-depth comments.  I am only sorry that I have not been able to respond to each one of [...]

Color Choices and a GiveAway

I believe I’ve finally decided on some paint colors for my new house.  I say ‘decided’, however I am woman and I am fickle.  That’s a line from Popeye.  My kids used to think he said “she is woman and she is a pickle.”  They would laugh and laugh and till this day don’t believe [...]

My Unpolished Gem


I found this cabinet sitting on the side of the rode with a few assorted pieces of junk.  It was displayed junk so I knew it wasn’t FREE. I LOVE FREE JUNK! This cabinet, however, cost me $10.  I know I got ripped off…isn’t that what you were thinking?  Just trust me…a little TLC and [...]