Personal Goals for 2014

Laundromat People

I pretty much fell off the face of blogland. What’s that?  You didn’t notice? I didn’t think so. Since I’m quite proficient at waiting until the last-minute, the days leading up to Christmas were pretty busy, not necessarily exciting or productive, just busy.  I messed up a batch of cinnamon rolls and then spent Christmas [...]

3 Things For A 13th Birthday

birthday advice for a teenager

Today is my son’s thirteenth birthday.  When I held him in my arms for the first time, I couldn’t really see ahead to this day, not even in my imagination.  Goodness, I couldn’t see ahead to solid foods.  I was afraid to give him his first bath and I didn’t know how to burp him [...]

I’m Flower Patch Farmgirl’s Guest

park bench Domestic Fringe

Please don’t faint on me, but I am a guest over at Shannan’s place, Flower Patch Farmgirl. I’m writing something completely different, sharing a part of my story I don’t normally talk about on my blog. I have a hard time seeing the boundaries and knowing what is good to write and what is better [...]


Tis the season to be resolute; however, I don’t want to start the New Year with a resolution.  I want to begin 2013 with a nap. It’s that kind of a year. I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about this whole resolution business, and I decided I’m not ready to add anything new [...]

Holiday Recap (or Post-Holiday Bloat…you decide)

me & my kiddos

I feel like I should be posting a Christmas card with our smiling faces and matching red sweaters, but my kids have been hiding from the camera and FringeMan doesn’t like sweaters. This has been a big year and it’s not even over yet.  First we survived the end of the world and now Christmas.  [...]

Odd Meets Absurd

The oddest things happen to me.  I’ve almost stopped questioning the absurd.  That’s why when I was taking my mom’s bags from her trunk this weekend, I took the package of tortilla shells and threw them to the back of the trunk. “No!  Those go inside too.” My mother scolded me for the tortillas, but [...]

Making a List, Checking it Twice

Because it’s Monday, and because it’s is raining, and because my creative juices are at all time low, I am making a list and checking it twice. I ate Five Guys twice in the past three days.  That’s what happens when we spend the weekend with grandma.  My taste buds had a little party while [...]

Hello Monday – Goodbye Funky Weekend

John at Applebees DF

Hello Monday. We did not start well.  I was wrapped up in dreamland when my alarm rang.  I remember fiddling with the buttons, thinking I just gave myself five more minutes; however, five minutes turned into forty-five. Thankfully the birds came and perched on the wire right outside my window.  For a quick minute, I [...]


black and white vintage tree

Wonder I wonder what this next year will hold – 2013.  It seems impossible.  Weren’t we just waiting for the end of the world to come at the strike of midnight 2000?  Some people still have cans of corn in their basement. My son will be thirteen this January. I sit and wonder where all [...]

Mid-Life Crisis or My Insides Are Ugly

This past week, I was a bit on the ugly side – inside. I can blame it on a sick kid or cancelled holiday plans or no money to go shopping on Friday (I know, wahhhh.), but the truth is that I was just an ugly, grumpy, negative mess. I tried to hide it and [...]

31 Days of Living by Faith, Day 27 – Bringing God Glory

fall foliage, pumpkin, corn stalks

I was hesitant to begin writing 31 Days of Living by Faith. It wasn’t just writing for 31 days, although I’ve never posted to this blog for 31 straight days, it was a combination of fears.   I would have to bare my soul before an entire world of blog readers.  My stories could be [...]

The Good, The Bad, & The Friday


The Good. I’m feeling extremely blessed today. You see, I was able to go grocery shopping – like go and get everything we need, including shower cleaner, all in one week.  That almost never happens.  We live in an economically depressed area and work has been worse than slow. The truth is FringeMan and I [...]

Jealous of a Lizard’s Life

a boating closeup

The men in my family are outside setting cricket traps, because everybody wants to start a breeding program for crickets.  Don’t they? I should have gone to agricultural school since I’m practically living on a farm.  Slippy the lizard is more pampered than me.  He gets his cage misted twice a day and suns himself [...]