A Creative Boost

A Creative Burst - Scrapbook kit

I’ve been low on creativity.  Actually, I’m at below empty in the creative department.  I’ll go ahead and pass the blame – too long of a winter and a month spent in Georgia has messed with my mind.  Every time I think of an idea, it just kind of floats around in my head and goes no where. I need a fresh start, a creative

It’s a New Year – 2013

Snuggies gone wild

New Year’s Eve 2012 was the best New Years we’ve had in a long time.  Think family, fun, and high calorie food.  My brother-in-law high-fived me when he found the crock of Little Smokies. I think this picture pretty much says it all. *** Caption Contest *** Give that photo a caption! This New Year’s Eve, the adults came to terms with their age.  We

Me and My Girl (and maybe a zombie or two)

m& A3

I can’t believe how much my little trip threw me for a loop.  For the past two days, I’ve been in la-la-land, and not the good la-la-land.  I’ve been walking around like a zombie without the dripping flesh or the desire to roast my neighbors on the BBQ.  For Bible study last night, I grabbed a few bottles of water and couple of cans of

Jet Lag & Family Photos

family photo by Kelly

We are not awake today. I think we are suffering from jet-lag even though we never crossed a time zone and we never set foot in the air. Why is the trip home always so much longer than the ride to go away? My favorite photographer, Kelly Ferreira, took some pictures for us on Easter.  We haven’t had a family photo since the kids were

On Top of The World

at stone mountain

We’re having so much fun, no one wants to come home and we’re not even close to home yet!  The only reason I’m blogging is because I’m waiting for my laundry to dry.  Early tomorrow morning we head out for my in-laws, but today we went to Stone Mountain. Stone Mountain is a ginormous rock.  In order to get to the top, you must ride

Decorating for Fall – Put a Pumpkin on it!


There’s something about waking up to crisp air and a house that greets me with a heavy thirteen year old robe and fuzzy slippers that makes me want to clean.  It’s a phenomena I cannot explain.  Not even in spring do I feel this internal urge to throw everything out and scrub my house with bleach.  For me cleaning is a fall thing.  The other

Not So Yellow Submarines & a Mouse Habitat

pinterest via polyvore.com

My daughter caught a mouse today at homeschool group.  She made it a “habitat” and fed it crackers.  I’m totally creeped-out by her love of vermin.  I’d rather see them dead than alive and she’s hand-feeding them crackers.  At least this particular mouse was not in my house.  Mice in central New York must be extremely prolific.  Not a good thing.  Dang Varmits! No I