Charmed by The Bubble Man

double charm

Sorry I missed Fiction Friday.  I know you think it was on purpose, but it wasn’t. Thursday was a bad day.  BAD day. Friday was better. I’ll choose not to elaborate. Thursday night, I cooked pizza bites (because I’m healthy that way).   It was a real party around here.  My son’s friend spent the [...]

He tied the string around my heart.


Sunday afternoon in the calm moments between day of church, fun, play, Awana and the “rest,” my son walked into the kitchen. With arms finding my middle, he looked up with blue eyes of crystal and said, “You’re beautiful. Have I told you that?” Suddenly I forgot why I grounded him on Saturday. With his [...]

Jumping Tiger Mom Ugly


I jumped tiger-mom ugly on my kids this week.  Ok, maybe more like house-cat-mom, but much more ferocious than I was in holly jolly December. Many of you know I made the radical decision to homeschool my children this year.  I say radical, and it is for some.  Others were born to nurture their children [...]