What’s Black & White and Pink all over?


My baby is growing up and I’m not really sure if I like it.  That’s the truth. She thought her yellow room, full of pastels and fluff, was too babyish. But there were butterflies flying on her walls! I didn’t care if she had her flowered sheets since she was two.  Once upon a time my little girl picked out the baby pink fabric with

Sitting On It


No, this isn’t the post were we discuss how our bottoms have spread into pancake-like pillows with too much stuffing. Thank God it’s not that post.  That kind of talk could send me into a winter long depression, and I’m not even sure my bottle of Vitamin D could help get me out of that pit. I want to discuss seating, specifically for the living

My Living Room’s New Look

Painted Wood Floors - Benjamin Moore Floor Paint

I am only showing you my living room, because I know you have imaginations and you can forgive the imperfections.  Sadly these photos stink.  One day I’ll learn how to take great pictures, but right now I’m too busy painting and doing laundry.  Since I’m not getting featured in a ‘Home’ magazine, these pictures will have to be good enough. In my mind I’m formulating

A Little Spring and A Lot of Nothing

I wish I knew where this photo came from so I can give proper credit. I think it may have it's origins with Country Living Magazine, but I am not certain.

My weekend began with hopes high on the first sign of Spring – a baby fly; however, Mindy quickly squelched my joy by reminding me that flies are adult maggots with wings. I killed the fly, but my hope lives on. The sun has been shining so much that my eyes are actually growing accustomed to light.  My empty vitamin D vat is filling and

The Bedroom – Behind Closed Doors


I know you want to see my kitchen and I’ve taken pictures, but I just don’t think you’ll be able to catch my vision yet and retain any hope that one day I will be cooking in a kitchen that would make Paula Dean jealous.  Let’s just say I have enough outlets to single-handedly provide power to Sear’s entire inventory of crockpots; however, the kitchen

Minor Changes


I don’t have much for you today, because this is my second day fighting off a migraine.  I’m not winning. So instead of whining, I’ll show you a few small updates in my house.  First you’re going to need to tilt your head.  Although my house slants, it’s not this bad.  If it were, I’d roll out of my chair. I’ve finally settled Agnes and