Friends Bring Hope

Friends bring Hope - Part of the friendship series on The Domestic Fringe

I’ve been doing a little mini-series on Friendship.  Sometimes we forget how important our friends are to us.  I love that this series made me stop and reflect and be thankful for the friends God has put in my life. If you’re new to this mini-series, you can catch up on the previous posts at [...]

Friends – Heaven Sent

T n Me workin hard!

I had just moved from New York to Maine.  I loved the foreign and frigid land that Maine is, but I was still in a bit of culture shock.  I went from city to the boonies in one giant move. I felt a little like I was on one of those shows where they drop [...]

Friends – How to Make Them

Friends: How do grown-ups make them? Part of a mini-series on friendship

The only way to have a friend is to be one.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson Recently my son asked, “How do grown-ups make friends?” He was honestly curious.  We don’t go to school with a whole bunch of other “kids” our age.  The neighbor’s don’t knock on the door and ask us to ride bikes, so [...]

Friends – How to Stay Connected

Apron by So Four

I’m a bad friend. Ok, I said it.  It’s out in the open. I’m a better friend if you live close to me, but if you’re far away, I’m sorry. I hate the telephone with a passion that rivals my love for chocolate.  It’s the love/hate thing. Now, I like snapping pictures with my phone, [...]

Leave A Love Note in His Car

Marriage: Leave a Love Note in his car

Sometimes when the sun shines, I get crazy ideas. Today, I’m over at Fancy Little Things talking about the time I decided (on a whim) to leave a love note in my husband’s vehicle. He was on the job and the poor guy said he felt like “Joseph fleeing Potipher’s wife”, only I guess in [...]

Say it With A Card

How to Never Miss another Birthday or Anniversary again - send a card

  I should have sent a card! I’m embarrassed by how many times I said that just this year. I have a mental impairment when it comes to cards.   I like them, sometimes I buy them in bulk, but I rarely sign my name to one and put it in the mail. Recently, I found [...]

Guilt Free Gift Giving


Isn’t it strange that giving sometimes comes with guilt? Guilt does not seem worthy of Christmas.  The two do not mix, or should not mix, but somehow over the years we went from accepting the greatest gift of all, a savior in the form a baby, to stressing over the gifts we give, the gifts [...]

31 Days of Living by Faith, Day 13 – Even When It’s Hard


Hey friends, FringeGirl here. Some days I do really dumb things.  I wish I did not, and I honestly try to limit how much dumb I inject into each day, but some days are better than others.  Today is a particularly dumb day for me. You may have noticed that we have a guest, The [...]

31 Days of Living by Faith, Day 3 – Choosing Faith

covreed bridge with kids playing underneath in park.

Early one afternoon, a black Jeep pulled into my driveway.  I thought it was my sister-in-law.  Assuming she’d gotten out of work early, I jumped up, excited over the unexpected visit, and ran to the door just as a middle-aged man stepped from the Jeep.  He wore a green Albertson’s shirt. Suspiciously I opened the [...]

31 Days of Living by Faith, Day 1 – Introduction

Charming Charlie bird scarf for fall

Welcome to 31 Days of Living by Faith.  I am glad you are here.  Now, don’t flip out over the title and run away.  Whether you have no faith, little faith, or great faith, this month is for you. Sometimes we hear about God performing miracles and we clap our hands and say “Yay God!”, [...]

Celebrated With A Romantic Deer

15th, crystal anniversary

Last Thursday was our “crystal” anniversary – 15 years.  It’s a huge milestone and I am sure you are all tired of hearing about it, but I cannot let it go just yet.  I told you FringeMan wanted to celebrate 15 years with tall, cold glasses of Crystal Light, but I wanted more, something to [...]

Brought to You by The Letter “R”

Mixed Media art

Today is one of those days that leave me thinking I should get more sleep or drink more caffeine.  A little of  both would probably be beneficial. That is why today’s post is brought to you by the letter “R” for “Random”. ***** First I want to put your nutritionally balanced minds at ease.  I [...]

No Fear in Love

no fear in love Bible verse printable.

My birthday in mid-February marked the beginning of the roller-coaster of love. By the end of the month FringeMan, in his casual and laid-back way, dragged me into a jewelry store to determine which shape diamond I would want if at any time in the near future he may be in the market for buying [...]

Hello Monday, Vanilla, & Garlic

Garlic Festival New York

Hello Million Dollar Question What do vanilla and garlic have in common? *Que Jeopardy Song* Still no guesses?? The Fringe of course! Hello Garlic Festival You proved a very exciting event!  We married garlic and Fringe Vanilla on Saturday.  Some said it would never work, but we proved them wrong. My mother even baked a [...]

Love is Crystal Clear

FringeMan and I have a history of poorly celebrated anniversaries.  It does not diminish our love or the forever after pledge we made almost fifteen years ago, but it does make us really bad romantics. This lack of romance is mostly my fault.  You see, my husband’s love language is camouflage and I married him [...]