WIWW – Cold Weather Edition


Today we are talking about the weather and how it’s related to fashion. Blame it on the forecasters, because they dared utter the word blizzard. In my world, blizzard is a four letter word that should be reserved for places like Alaska, the North Pole, and maybe even Canada.  (Sorry all you friends just to [...]

What I Did in 31 Days

Old house in field - Fall

October was weird for me. I blog day-to-day, about life and the stuff that is stuck in my head.  October was different.  I told stories everyday and wrote about one topic – Living by Faith. Since I tend to be a fly by the seat of my pants kind of blogger, I thought I would [...]

Hello Monday, Hello Fall

American Flag in cemetary with Cross

Hello Monday. Are you sure you only have 24 hours, because my to-do list is really, really long today.  I want to do it all, but we’ll see.  I would settle for a almost all. Hello Early Fall. I love you.  Mostly because I love boots and I can wear my boots every single day [...]

Hello Monday, Hello Devil in my Front Door

vintage looking owl planter

Hello Monday full of work. There’s a lot of noise going on in my basement.  It’s a shame I will never see the lovely job FringeMan is doing down there, because I do not go in our basement, under any circumstances.  It is that scary. Hello Devil that came in my front door. Since Slippy’s [...]

Good Morning Monday After Mother’s Day


Good morning Monday! I hope you enjoyed your Mother’s Day.  I did. I have the best family ever. My son created an acrostic on the envelope of his card. The hearth of eternal, loving relationship…wow! That’s still making me chuckle. Definitely goes in the “keep forever” box. We began the day with church, a trip [...]

Happy Fall – Day 12, 31 Days of Happy

birdwith fry

Fall is making me happy. I hated to see summer leave, but she’s gone, so I had to deal with it.  Seasons come and go, right? Turn, Turn, Turn… Fall came and she’s beautiful in all her colors.  The leaves are staying on the trees this year and they are turning the most beautiful shades [...]

Decorating for Fall – Put a Pumpkin on it!


There’s something about waking up to crisp air and a house that greets me with a heavy thirteen year old robe and fuzzy slippers that makes me want to clean.  It’s a phenomena I cannot explain.  Not even in spring do I feel this internal urge to throw everything out and scrub my house with [...]

Put a Hat on It and Call it Fashion


So I’ve noticed that for the past week, I’ve been blogging in this one-sided conversational style in which I talk about nothing significant, important, or helpful.  I’m basically a chatter-box with a keyboard. Sorry if you were hoping for a few deep posts.  I won’t be imparting any spiritual truths or life’s lessons this week.  [...]

Not So Yellow Submarines & a Mouse Habitat

pinterest via polyvore.com

My daughter caught a mouse today at homeschool group.  She made it a “habitat” and fed it crackers.  I’m totally creeped-out by her love of vermin.  I’d rather see them dead than alive and she’s hand-feeding them crackers.  At least this particular mouse was not in my house.  Mice in central New York must be [...]

It’s Raining Cats & Dogs & Long-Fanged Mice


Today is Wednesday (just in case you misplaced your calendar) and it’s raining cats and dogs.  Apparently the cats chased in the mice, because I either have one very hungry mouse or a gang of fang-toothed rats.  I prefer to think it’s a simple house mouse, but I’m having nightmares of Mickey scurrying through my [...]

A Different Kind of Summer

All photos via Pinterest

Are you doing anything differently since it’s summer? We are.  I know that just because the calendar turns a page and the sun shines strong doesn’t mean everyone gets time off from work.  That stinks.  I think an eight week mandatory paid vacation should exist for all non-essential jobs.  Or maybe only the winter lovers [...]

An Apple a Day


I’ve heard an apple a day keeps the doctor away and the teacher at bay.  Despite the overwhelming good apples can do for your health and education, they often get a bad rap.  You know, the snake in the garden and all… For me, apples mean fall and I love them.  I can’t eat them, [...]