Chase: Bible Study Review

Chase: Bible Study Review

What are you chasing? Jennie Allen asks that loaded question in her Bible study Chase. When her publicist contacted and asked me to review this study, I never hesitated.  I already knew I loved Jennie and her raw, honest writing, the way she shares her life, both the good and bad things, with her readers. [...]

31 Days of Living by Faith, Day 30 – Saving Faith

31 Days of Living by Faith - Man with coffee

Today I have a very special guest, my husband. I hope you will take a few minutes to watch this video.  It is his story of saving faith. Here’s the good news. Jesus died for you and me and everybody else in this world.  Salvation from sin, reconciliation with God, is for everyone.  You don’t [...]

31 Days of Living by Faith, Day 28 – Faith in Grief


Ferree Hardy has unique ministry.  She works with, loves on, encourages, helps, and prays for widows – some young, some middle aged, and some older. She writes a blog called Widow’s Christian Place.  I encourage you to go visit her blog and then pass along the information to any widows you may know.  I have [...]

31 Days of Living by Faith, Day 7 – A Baby Named Faith

Missionaries in Portugal

Today’s guest is Nina in Portugal.  She and her family are missionaries who hold a special place in my heart.  Not many of you probably know this, but my father is Portuguese, so we had a connection from the moment we met.  I did run into Nina in blogland…I’m not sure how that happened, but [...]

31 Days of Living by Faith, Day 4 – A Good Luck Charm

bird on a wire I wanted to carry hope around in my pocket. Hand written saying.

There is a fine line between faith and foolishness. When I was a kid, I never had a good luck charm, but I always wanted one.  I was a little envious of the kid who pulled a rabbit’s foot out of his pocket on test day.  I mean, that is just plain, old, cool-beans. I [...]

31 Days of Living by Faith, Day 2 – What is Faith?

rings in water, serene photo, what is faith

What is faith? According to, it is defined as “confidence or trust in a person or thing”. Allow me to further define “faith” in a Biblical sense. Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  ~Hebrews 11:1 Faith is believing God. at all costs no matter what [...]

31 Days of Living by Faith, Day 1 – Introduction

Charming Charlie bird scarf for fall

Welcome to 31 Days of Living by Faith.  I am glad you are here.  Now, don’t flip out over the title and run away.  Whether you have no faith, little faith, or great faith, this month is for you. Sometimes we hear about God performing miracles and we clap our hands and say “Yay God!”, [...]

Hello Monday – Hello 31 Days of…

air travel phobia

Hello Monday. It looks like you are going to be a nice one.  I have no big plans for you today, other than a nice walk, some laundry, and hopefully a little writing, but it is a happy day.  FringeMan comes home today! Hello Air Travel. FringeMan is flightophobic.  I am not sure if that [...]

anything, part two

To read anything, part one click HERE. _____________________________________________________ In her book, Anything: The Prayer that Unlocked my God and my Soul, Jennie Allen tells of the time she and her husband prayed anything.  They offered themselves, their possessions, and their family up to God for His service.  Their decision wasn’t made lightly, and did not [...]

Love & The Church


Today it’s all about controversy.  I’m talking about church.  Maybe you’ll agree with me, but it’s ok if you don’t.  Please understand, this post is about “church” and “church people” in general.  I’m not naming any specific denomination or peoples.  I’ve never even mentioned what kind of church I attend.  I think religion is something [...]

Picnic for Two – Summer Faith


Photo courtesy of Sydney, The Charming Tyrants Summer Series – Day Five Summer Faith Wow.  This has been a really excellent Summer Series, hasn’t it?  I’ll kinda feel bad when it’s all over and you’re stuck with me again.  I hope you’ve been as encouraged, inspired, challenged, and motivated as I have been.  I really [...]

The Perfect Woman

Warning:  This is a post where I get all ‘spiritual’ on you and maybe even a little bit preachy.  I understand that not all of my readers believe exactly like I do and I love that.  I just want to remind you that all’s free in blogland.  If you don’t want to read today’s post, [...]