My Son was Worried I’d be Bored

summer landscape

It’s been difficult to write much this summer and the truth is, I haven’t really felt like writing.  I’ve let funny moments go undocumented, just because.  In some ways, I’ve felt like I needed some space this summer. Moods are such curious things.     My kids are out at a hunter safety class tonight.  [...]

Suddenly, I’m the Camp Counselor

FringeKid picking blueberries

Yesterday began early, very early.  So early that I had to stop for coffee on my way out of town. I wasn’t going out of town, like in we’re headed for some sort of vacation or voyage or anything.  I was just headed to a neighboring town to visit the community college.  My daughter was [...]

Summer Fun in Photos & A Bonus Pep Talk

flowers by the river

Since I upgraded from a flip-phone to an iPhone, I’ve had fun with the photo feature. I think my phone takes better pictures than my camera. I feel like I’ve been silent here for a long time. It’s a strange feeling. Although I’ve been posting quite regularly, I don’t think I’ve been saying much. I [...]

Real-Life Housewives of NY – Sitting Poolside

Summer Fun - Poolside

  I know some of you think that I’m real-life housewife of New York, glamorously lounging poolside while my children frolic in the chlorinated blue water, but in all actuality, when  you’re used to this for seven months out of the year…     and then you get temperatures that rise extremely close to the [...]

WIWW: Deep in The Heart of Summer

WIWW Colorful Dot Statement Necklace

Hi friends!  We’re deep in the heart of summer. I only have one outfit for What I Wore Wednesday.  I’m sorry, but it’s been quite hot and I haven’t actually looked very nice.  I changed my shirt three times already today.  It’s really been that hot, but no complaints from me.  I’m just glad I’m [...]

It All Happened the First Week of Summer

Fun Pool Pictures

    One week of summer break down and I’m in love with life, even though it has rained nearly every single day.  Despite the great deluges and mini-floods rushing down the street, the sun peaked out a time or two and believe me, as soon as the clouds parted, we ran for the door. [...]

Shaving Cream Wars

How to throw a low cost party you will never forget - Shaving Cream Wars

  Shaving Cream Wars – A Party Your Kids Will Never Forget   Warning: Heavy on photos.  Allow a moment to load. As the last day of summer vacation approached, I told FringeMan I wanted to do something special for the kids – summer’s last hoorah. We decided on shaving cream wars.  So I baked [...]

Six Flags Over Georgia

Six Flags over Georgia

For two years my son has dreamed of Six Flags – the excitement of the ride, the thrill of the coasters, the sound of a thousand screaming children. Yesterday his dream came true.  We arrived at Six Flags Over Atlanta before the park opened. It was a temperate one hundred degrees and the sun was [...]

What NOT to Wear In Summer

olive shorts and striped teeshirt

By now you all realize that most Wednesdays I participate with the Pleated Poppy’s What I Wore Wednesday. Since I don’t have to dress for work, this is a bit of incentive to look nice everyday. Only, I think I’m in the running for Worst Dressed Participant. Is there an award for that? I sure [...]

Full On Summer

Fringe Vanilla with Cookies

Hello Monday! I’m actually liking you today, because… I am immersed in summer. I am at least three shades darker than January. Freckles have taken over my life. School, although only dismissed for one full week, is a distant memory to the kids. Sunshine, ice-pops, and chlorine detail our days. We can live like this [...]

A Two Slushy Kind of Day

a trip to the zoo

Today is a two-part post kind of day. First part is What I Wore Wednesday and the second part is our trip to the zoo.  Since I’m only showing one outfit, I thought I’d combine the two; however, I did get dressed more than once this week.  I promise! Dress:  Target (too long ago to [...]

The Summer that Once Was

Well, summer’s over, but it was nice when it was here.  I guarantee we enjoyed two whole weeks of it.  I have absolutely no idea what we’ll do when the kids finally get out of school.  Maybe we’ll be snowboarding by then, or something.  Hopefully something else, but you just never know. We did go [...]

Fashionista in the Making – Not really, but I got a Maxi dress.


Did you know I have coveted other women’s maxi dresses all summer? Yes, it’s true.  I admit my sin before God and all of you.  Maybe it’s the cool “maxi” name or the fact that maxi dresses make women look tall (translate lean) and somewhat exotic.  Ok, maybe they don’t actually make you look exotic, [...]

The Best Salad You’ll Ever Taste


I seriously have the best ever summer salad recipe for you.  You are so gonna thank me after you make this.  Understand I did not make up this recipe.  That alone should give you confidence to eat it up. Recently I was at a friend’s house and she gave a bowl to someone sitting around [...]

I’m Torn Between Hate & Love


Not to stray from today’s post before I’ve even begun writing it, but last Sunday my daughter dressed her sock monkey and took her to church. It’s kinda, sorta funny and yet a little bizzare all at the same time. ************ At this moment in my life, I’m hating Fiction Friday and it was my [...]

Summer Camp ~ History in the Making


When I think of summer camp, visions of team sports, horseback riding, swimming, and muddy clothes fill my mind with bad memories, but today there are as many varieties of summer camp as there are flavors of ice-cream. Last year, my son’s history teacher sent us a letter saying she’d like to pay for my [...]