When my daughter was really young, her favorite movie was Finding Nemo.  She would watch it again, and again, and again, until I began rooting for the little red-head with pigtails and braces. In fact, she liked the movie so much I made her a quilt with Nemo printed fabric. I know, a quilt!  Who [...]

It All Happened the First Week of Summer

Fun Pool Pictures

    One week of summer break down and I’m in love with life, even though it has rained nearly every single day.  Despite the great deluges and mini-floods rushing down the street, the sun peaked out a time or two and believe me, as soon as the clouds parted, we ran for the door. [...]

Summer Simple ~ Savor the Days

Photo courtesy of Sydney, The Charming Tyrants Summer Series Summer Simple Although she probably needs no introductions, I’m so happy to introduce Emily from Remodeling this Life.  Her blog is inspiring and she truly has found the secret to living a simple, filled life and enjoying every moment of it.  I’m so very glad she [...]

Summer is Synonymous With Swim


Some things transport me to summer even on snowy days when the windchill plummets temperatures below freezing.  The smell of sunscreen warms my heart and thaws my chilly mood.  I should skip the Vitamin D during the long gray days of winter and simply sniff sunscreen.  Seasonal Affective Disorder doesn’t stand a chance against SPF30. [...]

I am the victim of a drive-by cashing.


This morning after tennis lessons… Don’t you love how ‘tennis lessons’ makes it seem like I’m living an extraordinarily luxurious life, throwing dinner parties and garden teas and all? It’s mirage.  Unless dinner parties include extra-large red plastic cups and paper plates?  Then, by all means, I am the portrait of high society. Continuing with [...]

Today Won’t Make Room for Boredom


I remember being bored when I was a child.   Now I only use boredom as an excuse to ignore my ‘to-do’ list; however, my children delight in telling me they’re bored.  Just ask them. Today is different.  Today will not make room for boredom.   It’s the first Monday of full summer.  Everyone is out of [...]

The Most Boring Person Ever

2 days on the Hudson 057

This week I am the most boring person ever.  My highlight post is the crazy crackle nail job.  How very sad is that? It’s just that life is standing completely still in this first part of March.  I’m actually taking the kids to the mall later just to get some exercise.  I’ll be the one [...]

Today I…


Today I… ate a few M&M’s. Now don’t start wagging your finger in my face, because I’ve been doing really well in the food department.  I’ve eaten more oranges and bananas than the giant gorilla at our local zoo, but tonight I had to have a few M&M’s – only a few. I also went [...]

It’s a Heat Wave, A Tropical Heat Wave

Baby it’s hot outside! I am melting faster than M&M’s in child’s grubby hand. The kids and I spent the afternoon in the library, because it was the only air-conditioned space in town where I didn’t need to spend a dime.  Tonight we went to McDonald’s, bought a drink and just sat in the cool.  [...]

The Beach in April


Due to excessive begging by the FringeKid’s, I took a break from raking, sweeping, and cleaning off all the patio chairs in order to go to the beach.  Oh, yes, the beach in New York in April.  Sounds like we’ve got a few screws loose, doesn’t it? In all fairness, it was at or around [...]