Tis the season to be resolute; however, I don’t want to start the New Year with a resolution.  I want to begin 2013 with a nap. It’s that kind of a year. I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about this whole resolution business, and I decided I’m not ready to add anything new [...]

Hello Monday – Goodbye Funky Weekend

John at Applebees DF

Hello Monday. We did not start well.  I was wrapped up in dreamland when my alarm rang.  I remember fiddling with the buttons, thinking I just gave myself five more minutes; however, five minutes turned into forty-five. Thankfully the birds came and perched on the wire right outside my window.  For a quick minute, I [...]

31 Days of Living by Faith, Day 3 – Choosing Faith

covreed bridge with kids playing underneath in park.

Early one afternoon, a black Jeep pulled into my driveway.  I thought it was my sister-in-law.  Assuming she’d gotten out of work early, I jumped up, excited over the unexpected visit, and ran to the door just as a middle-aged man stepped from the Jeep.  He wore a green Albertson’s shirt. Suspiciously I opened the [...]

31 Days of Living by Faith, Day 2 – What is Faith?

rings in water, serene photo, what is faith

What is faith? According to, it is defined as “confidence or trust in a person or thing”. Allow me to further define “faith” in a Biblical sense. Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  ~Hebrews 11:1 Faith is believing God. at all costs no matter what [...]

On Life, Squatters, and Chocolate

1. Never drink the last sip from a cup or bottle.  That’s where all the backwash lands. 2. Scrubbing Bubbles are like magic foam chemicals that eat shower grime.  If you have boys in the house, buy it by the case. 3. Exercise has less to do with the body and more to do with [...]

Working 9 to 5: Stay-at-Home Moms & Career Moms

Me & kids by Kelly Side photo

I don’t bring home the bacon, but I do fry it up in the pan. When a woman becomes a mom, she’s faced with a most difficult decision – to work outside the home or not to work outside the home.  It’s not easy to make a choice, and when you do, you end up [...]

My Mission: Organization Part 2


I couldn’t leave yesterday’s post alone, now could I?  There had to be a part two, because by now, every single one of you thinks I am a slob.  I am not.  I’ve been reformed! I ran to the dollar store and bought eight little plastic boxes.  Eight isn’t a magic number, but since I [...]

My Mind – Streaming

Happiness over the sun shining several days in a row. Pain from a rogue migraine. Frustration. Enjoyment. Thankfulness. The mind battle over weather to eat the last scoop of ice-cream in the freezer or NOT. Intense love. Anger. Isn’t it amazing all the emotions we can go through in a day?  If you’re a hormonal [...]

The Day After Ugly

So my “ugly” post is being received about as well as bowl of poison berries.  I just felt like I had to say life is ugly.  Sometimes.  We may white-wash her, prop her up in a corner, and paint her lips, but she’s still ugly.  There are people who are hurting, who have lost everything, [...]

The Ugly


For many months I’ve had this thought in mind…do a post on the ugly. I don’t really know why, but I feel I must share with you the ugly, because sometimes life isn’t pretty. Usually bloggers, including myself, only photograph the lovely, the good, and the bright; however, we all live with some ugly.  At [...]

Date Night: Taking Chances

Last night I went on a date with my husband.  That’s two months in a row, possibly a new PC (post-child) record. I woke up feeling like Mexican food, because, honestly, Mexican food combines all my loves – cheese, fried, meat, cheese, chips.  Throw some salsa on it and a side of refried beans with [...]

Ten Trivial Things I Know

I admittedly do not know much, but these few things I know. My son’s room will never be truly clean. Laundry is a constant. In America, free speech is welcomed until it clashes with mainstream media.  Then you best be silent or grow a very thick skin. My daughter is growing up because she wants [...]

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200

Marvin Gardens

This week the FringeFamily will get to experience winter and spring all in the same week.  It’s pretty incredible really.  Monday was snow flurries and Thursday will be fifty-seven degrees.  That’s shorts weather in these parts. Apparently the excitement in my life has hit an all-time low, because I feel the need to blog about [...]

The Day My Cell Phone Aged Me

old cell douglas

This past weekend I lost my cell phone.  Since it was my birthday, I chalked it up to age and hoped my next mishap wasn’t losing my teeth. Don’t worry about the cell phone.  My son found it for me.  I think children are hard-wired to locate items of modern technology.  It’s a skill similar [...]

My Idea of a Super Bowl


The question on everyone’s mind – GIANTS or patriots I think you know where the FringeFamily stands in this bowl.