Put a Hat on It and Call it Fashion


So I’ve noticed that for the past week, I’ve been blogging in this one-sided conversational style in which I talk about nothing significant, important, or helpful.  I’m basically a chatter-box with a keyboard. Sorry if you were hoping for a few deep posts.  I won’t be imparting any spiritual truths or life’s lessons this week.  [...]

Date Night on The Fringe

Stacy London

We rarely have a dress up and go out kind of date night.  I know the experts say married couples should ‘date’ regularly, whether regular is once a week or once a month, and I completely agree. *Insert me jumping to feet, applauding, and screaming A-Men!* However, when you have children, date night often becomes [...]

Spring Shopping this Fashion Friday


Isn’t it interesting how quickly topics change on this blog? I like to think it keeps things from getting too boring.  Others may say my blog lacks focus, is too random, and will not build a readership when everyday is written for a different audience. I say, oh well.  Although, I could stand a little [...]

On The Run


I need to run back out the door, but I wanted to pop in and say hello.  It is after all FRIDAY and what began as a cold, miserable day in New York turned out to be gorgeous.  That makes me very happy. So do these sandals. They are my $1 thrift store find and [...]

Ugly Shoes & BLT’s


This week I have really embraced my inner nerd, catalogued all my books, and learned myself a few things.  Being Velma isn’t all that bad. First, I can’t stop painting.  My house will never be completely painted.  It’s a little bit of an obsession or maybe it’s a compulsion, probably a twisted mix of both.  [...]