Technologically Savvy



  1. L! O! L!

  2. Brilliant!!

  3. Now that’s using your head!

  4. Ha! thank goodness they invented wireless handsets. I’d hate to have to walk around with a rubberband around my head! :)

  5. No way.

  6. I’m talkin’ bout flea market! This is so wonderful!

  7. One size fits most.

  8. HA! now that’s some kind of funny!

  9. Hey, whatever works!!

  10. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

  11. That would be about as close as I’ll ever get to having a blue tooth

  12. robinaltman says:

    He’s an innovator. He should have patented this about 20 years ago.

  13. Did you catch that? She’s lie on the floor in the middle of the floor. *smacks forehead* Sheesh.

  14. LOL! Love it!

    And it reminds me of a story. (No no, don’t groan.) My high school geometry teacher was an interesting woman and, among other things, like lying on the floor in the middle of floor, she’d place a rubber band around her head (just like that dude, but no phone!) and wear it through class. Something about it working with the pressure points when she had a headache.

    I’ve tried it. It doesn’t work. ;)

  15. I wondered what that clip on the side of my phone was for.

    The Texas Woman

  16. Wow! The economy really is bad. Can you say bluetooth?

  17. LOL!!!

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