Thanksgiving: Stuffing In or Out?

This morning I woke up with my head in the clouds.  I walked around in a fog for three hours in which I grocery shopped for Thanksgiving, missed a doctor’s appointment, and met my husband at a gas station for an egg sandwich date.

We’re fancy daters.

Now I have a turkey not defrosting on my counter, a half-gallon of heavy cream in my fridge, and three pounds of butter just waiting to clog my arteries.  What day is Thanksgiving again?

I’m confused like that today.

It’s a good thing I have a dishwasher to  make everything better,  except for the plastic cups I melted last night, but don’t worry, I bought a box of sixteen glasses this morning.  Now every one of my guests will have a real non-melted beverage holder on turkey day.  We may not have a turkey, because it just might be frozen, but we’ll have glasses.  And butter.  Don’t forget the butter.

This year I’m going all out – I’m making Pillsbury Grands Homestyle Biscuits.  It should be quite a celebration.  Raise your drink when you hear the pop of the Pillsbury can.

We’ll also have pie – pumpkin, cherry, and maybe apple.  I have a history with pies, but this time will be different…my mom will be here to help me cook I just know it.  I won’t even put a lid on my pumpkin pie.  I like to think the lid incident made me a trendsetter, but lids on pumpkin pies never caught on.  It’s too bad.  I like extra pie crust.

So what are you guys making for Thanksgiving?  I like to hear all the fan-dangled ways people make the fixins’.

Besides the turkey, we’re having stuffing made with mushrooms, spinach, sausage, and an assortment of other ingredients I can’t remember (recipe here).  We’re also having asparagus, green beans with bacon and sliced almonds, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes (recipe here), and turnips.

FringeMan likes turnips.

I had to stop an older woman in the grocery store and ask her if she would help me find turnips.

“Oh, yes, dear.  I know what those are, but they aren’t called turnips here.  They’re rutabagas.”

Who would have thunk it.

Now I have three rutabagas that looked waxed.  Thankfully I have the internet or else I’d have to go track down that sweet old woman and ask her how to cook them.

So tell me, are you cooking this Thanksgiving?

Stuffing in the bird or out?

It’s still up for debate in my house.

FringeMan wants the stuffing in the bird.  Since I really don’t eat the stuffing, I don’t care.  I may reserve a little to cook outside the bird for those who like it crispier.


  1. Stuffing IN the bird for our family. I’m cooking in Arizona this year. My Mom doesn’t like to travel anymore so we decided to bring Thanksgiving to her this year. It may start a new trend; the weather is fabulous!
    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  2. Oh my goodness…you had me laughing from the get go! No one ever said you couldn’t put a “lid” on a pumpkin pie…how original!!!!

  3. Keep my stuffing out, and John can eat all the turnips/rutabagas!!

  4. I always cook stuffing out of the bird. This year I’m doing it in the crockpot to save oven space (recipe is on my blog).

  5. I do believe there is a difference between a rutabaga and a turnip, not much though.

    Stuffing in!!!!! I am a HUGE fan of my grandmother’s simple yet out of this world delicious stuffing recipe, already cooked before put in the bird, but it has to be IN THE BIRD! :0)

  6. Down here at the North Texas Pole, it’s gotta be dressing…and it’s gotta be on the outside. You’ll never catch me with my hand up THERE! The dressing has to be cornbread and it has to have a ton of sage.
    I hate to disrespect my elders, but a turnip is a turnip and a rutabaga is a rutabaga, One’s just bigger than the other. Cat Daddy loves turnip greens, but not the turnip itself. Check Paula Deen’s site for how to prepare rutabagas/turnips for the Southern take on an often overlooked vegetable.

  7. Rutabagas! We love them. Beats a tiny turnip any day–in taste as well as colour. Cooking is easy, cutting them up is not. Just make sure you cut off all that waxy coating. (I usually/often ask my husband to cut them up for me.)

    Yum! Boil them like a potato and mash with butter.

  8. I like the stuffing out for a dryer, fluffier experience. Also, many people do not realize that when stuffing a bird, they have to check to the stuffing temp. as well as the bird temp. All of those raw poultry juices become part of that stuffing as well and you want to be sure to kill any potentially bad bacteria. Unfortunately, the extra cooking time can dry out the bird a bit. Another reason for stuffing out.

  9. Sue, a Florida Farm Girl says:

    Tricia, honey, make sure you know exactly what Fringe Man is talking about! My first DH was from Massachusetts and what he called “turnips” were actually turnip roots. They do not taste the same as rutabegas. Turnip roots are usually white or white and purplish. Rutabegas are yellow/orangish with a purplish top and are considerably bigger than most turnips.

    Oh, and I’m a dressing girl — nothing stuffed inside the bird for me.

    Good luck!!!!!

  10. I’m glad our Thanksgiving is over! I like the stuffing in. It actually makes the bird taste better. :) Happy cooking and be thankful for your mum!!!;)

  11. Oh sounds wonderful and makes me regret our thanksgiving was in October (here in Canada)..but in honor of my American friends I think I might just do a turkey….my mouth is watering!

  12. I roasted two chickens today so I can make gravy for my mother who doesn’t have an oven. (I think she’s doing the turkey in the crockpot.)

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