The Beach in April

Due to excessive begging by the FringeKid’s, I took a break from raking, sweeping, and cleaning off all the patio chairs in order to go to the beach.  Oh, yes, the beach in New York in April.  Sounds like we’ve got a few screws loose, doesn’t it?

In all fairness, it was at or around 90 degrees yesterday.  We went straight from winter to summer and I don’t doubt we’ll be back to winter in a day or two.  Now while the air may have warmed considerably, the Atlantic Ocean doesn’t warm so quickly; however, the FringeKid’s were born in Maine and are subsequently accustomed to icy waters.

I managed to squirt out the last handful of last year’s bottle of sunscreen and slather most of the kid’s bodies.  I made FringeBoy keep his shirt on because he’s as white as snow and I didn’t want to bring home any sun-fried tomotoes.   After all, this was a beach trip and not a trip to the farmer’s market.


About 3.8 seconds after settling into my beach chair, a giant spider ran right up the leg of my capri pants. 


What’s a girl to do?  I jumped, shook, smacked at my leg and made a general spectacle of myself.  Luckily I live in NY and everybody’s used to spectacles.  I fit right in.100_3432

Somewhere there’s a mother out there who is thanking me today.  My kids acted as the most natural form of birth control.  You see there was a young couple standing at the water’s edge getting a little hot and bothered.  The 90 degree temperature had nothing to do with it.  My kids took one look at them and jumped in splashing them down with liquid ice-cubes.

I laughed.  Don’t hold that against me.  I couldn’t help myself.


Notice FringeBoy’s clenched fists?  It’s a natural reaction to near hypothermia.  My heart would have stopped if I had jumped in.


FringeMan and I just tanned.  I prayed my pants would heat up enough to fry that spider before he bit me in a less than desirable spot.

What did you do to enjoy the weekend?


  1. Ho fun are you!?! Still haven’t been to the beach. But we have hit the pool a few times :) It is cold again here…

  2. Enjoyed the beautimous weather and worked out in the yard. I am now sore.

    Yikes! If a spider ran up my pants, I would put on quite a show as well!

  3. Cat Daddy and I went to Ok. City junking and all I bought was a lousy ouija board…can you believe it?
    At least you got to hear some heavy breathing even if it was from eavesdropping!

  4. We did the whole Atlantic Ocean thing when we went to Virginia Beach last spring. FREEZING! The girls didn’t care though. I think there’s something wrong with kids’ senses. I just laid on the beach and let them freeze to death.

  5. Speaking of heads, my youngest boy (30-years of age) is sporting a mohawk these days. What’s a mother to do?

    The Texas Woman

  6. robinaltman says:

    That sounds very fun. I think I have beach envy. I hung out with the boys and Adam, payed bills, went grocery shopping, hey! I had a crappy weekend. I just realized it!

  7. Oh, I had lots of fun cutting down the old corral and lugging it behind the barn. I am not made for this country living!

  8. Evergreen says:

    So, what happened to the spider?? I want to see the “after beach” pictures??


  9. I love how your kids acted like population control. That’s hilarious!

  10. Kids are bat crap crazy…the water had to be FREEZING!! Just because we had one sunny day does not mean the ocean is warm enough for swimming lol. But it was a gorgeous weekend and I’m glad you guys got to soak up some sun! And I hope the spider died before any inconvenient biting occurred!

  11. hmmmm….Saturday I climbed a mountain and washed clothes and hung them out to dry….

    very interesting huh?!

    That water looks too cold for me…and is that fringeman’s bald head and furry eyebrows?

  12. I spent my weekend WISHING I was at the beach.

    Less that 3 weeks away! Florida, here I come!

  13. “Luckily I live in New York and everyone’s used to spectacles…I fit right in.” (snort!)
    I am picturing you shaking it like a polaroid picture…

    We spent lots of time outside too this weekend–catching a bit of the same April heat wave. Went on a bike ride to the beach, and explored a bit of Wolfe’s Neck State Park. And neither child fell in the Casco Bay, so all in all, a good weekend.

  14. Man, it looks so amazing and warm!

  15. My weekend was a disappointment, but I feel not all was lost after hearing about yours! :)

  16. Beach trip, it sounds so good. I have been waiting for a free day with nice weather to go down to the beach (about 30 min away) but hasn´t happen yet.

    I must to forget taking my memory pills because I can´t remember what we did….. can you believe it!!! I am not joking!!! Okay, after checking with my husband he brought to my mind that he had a game on saturday, so we stayed at home in the morning and later we went to watch Monster vs. Aliens to the theater.. you know, candy, pop corn (maybe I have too much sugar in my brain now).

  17. I went antique-ing with the church ladies, and looked at real estate. Your beach weekend sounded great!

  18. Sounds wonderful! It was 90 in Cincinnati as well but I don’t think jumping into the Ohio River is advisable. Especially off of a flood wall. Oh well I can dream of beaches while I gaze at the river, which is actually quite pretty as long as you aren’t under the water. The sparkling water in your photos is lovely and fringe boy is too cute.

  19. Awww….I want to go to the beach now, lol!

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