The Gift of A Simple Day

Mother's Day Breakfast - Simple Days

Sometimes the simplest days are the best.

I didn’t want to do a whole lot for Mother’s Day.  I didn’t want my people to cook for me, because, um, messy kitchen.   I also didn’t want to go out to eat.  We have very limited choices in town and I didn’t feel like spending half the day in the car and then waiting on a restaurant line.  I really just wanted to spend the afternoon outside.

Simple Days - A Mother's Day Gift

So, we took a swing by the grocery store, picked up a box of ready made friend chicken and a platter of already washed and cut fruit, and headed down to the river for a picnic.

The sun was shining and it was an all around lovely afternoon.

I even came home and took a little nap.

Mother's day - Simple is good.

My son – he knows me well.  He gave me two giant size Hershey’s Dark Chocolate bars.  I already ate one.  I call it “mommy’s medicine”, and I am convinced that one day, they will find female hormones in chocolate.

It’s my version of hormone replacement therapy.

My daughter gave me a really cute big plastic water cup.  Perfect for work.

My husband, well, he means well.  He gave me two packs of Slim-fast.  Yes. He. Did.

Mother's Day - The Gift of A Simple Day

He was trying to be encouraging, because he noticed I spent six of the last seven days on the treadmill.

In his defense, he worked an extra electrical job earlier this week and gave me the money to go shopping, so he’s forgiven, even if Slim-fast may be worse than a toaster for Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day - The Gift of  simple Day

I hope your Mother’s Day was as special as mine.

Please tell me you didn’t get Slim-Fast too!

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  1. says

    I love your wit, friend. That sounds like one wonderful mother’s day. Minus the slim-fast. But, his heart was in the right place. We spent a less time waiting in line at the restaurant than we did waiting for our food – but it was all good. I was “cut loose” to go watch Mom’s Night Out with some girlfriends and it was a wonderful few hours to just chill out.

  2. says

    Oh, so funny. You are beautiful. You don’t need the Slim Fast! What he gave you is a funny story to tell. 😉 Glad it was a lovely day. May is the perfect month.

  3. Mom says

    Sounds like a perfect day– except for the Slim Fast. The day was beautiful and after this past winter being outside enjoying the sunshine must have been delightful!!

  4. says

    Sounds like the perfect Mother’s Day! Mine was also relaxing. I picked up the kids from their father’s house (which meant that Saturday was cleaning day LOL) and headed to my parents. We had lunch meat and rolls and made sandwiches and had some salads and also sat outside. I think that was a theme this Mother’s day because of the beautiful weather. (My friend in Maine said it was 78 degrees there) My daughter got my mom a huge bar of the Ghiradelli really really dark chocolate. She didn’t get me any but acknowledged that chocolate is my favorite food. When we got home my oldest cooked me dinner, with a menu and everything. I did have a little clean up, but the fact that she got her and her sister dinner as well, that made up for it. Glad you had such a wonderful day!

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