The Library: My Office Away from Home

Hello Monday

Since this weekend was a bust, I decided to show you our library, my office away from home.

I mean, I could talk about how FringeMan came down with the stomach bug, but that’s not a good Monday morning topic. Let’s just say I declared the second floor of our house a contamination zone and I slept on the couch. The kids and I stayed as far away from home as possible, so of course that meant at least one trip to the library.

The library: My Office Away from Home

This room is my office away from home. I plant myself here every time I come to the library. Usually the entire table is covered with my junk, a few books, and a random magazine or two. I use the power strip on the floor to plug in my laptop and I go to town.

They have a coffee machine too. What more do you need?

Books – Coffee – WiFi

Antique bookcases in the public libraryThese bookcases are in my office. They help me feel smart.

vintage book caes - library

Our library is part old house and part 70’s mod addition. If you walk from room to room too quickly, you end up in a time warp.

I’ll just show you the old part today.

conference room in library

sitting area in libraryIsn’t this a pretty little nook? It’s the perfect place for a game of chess or lunch with a friend. At Christmas, they had a beautiful big Christmas tree right in front of those windows.

vintage lighting fixture on old tray ceiling

The ceilings and moldings are the true masterpieces. They just don’t build modern houses with such artistic details.

antique lighting fixture, mirror, American flag

As the story goes, and I hope I remember all the facts, our library had a great big fire that made their building unusable. A family in town donated this house to be used as the new library. Some time after, the more modern addition was built.

antinque light fixture in library

The library is right in the center of town and we often walk to it.

reflection of a women in the mirror

You would think I wouldn’t have any late fees, but I do.

I’m wanted in libraries nationwide. I’ll leave it at that.

libraries conference room antique furniture

vintage Jaddte lampThis lamp looks like Jadite, but I’m not sure. Maybe I should convince them to let me bring it to the antiques roadshow or something.

collection of vintage ceramic dogs

The library also has random collections of old things, like these ugly ceramic dogs. They change the collections out from time to time so the patrons can enjoy them.

antique bronze statue of a man

And no library tour would be complete without a naked man on the mantel.

Yes, this is in my office.

So that completes my library tour, at least the really old portion of it. Despite the antiques, the card catalog is computerized and the librarians are absolute dolls. They teach us the history of the town and area, get us whatever books we want, and they know us by name.

They also send me an email when books are late and then call when they are really, really late.  Thankfully they forgive me.  Sometimes I just need an extra week with my books.

I love my library.

What about you? Do you visit your library very often?

I’m joining Lisa Leonard in saying hello to Monday.  She’d love for you stop by and hello too.


  1. says

    This has got to be the coolest library I have ever seen! How lucky are you?! Ours is huge, impersonal, and modern. Yes, it has a lot of books, but it has none of the charm and warmth of your magical little library. Happy reading!

  2. says

    That is one amazing library! If ours looked like that, I might go, just to see it. I confess I don’t visit our library regularly. It seems that the books that interest folk are full of blood, guts, and dysfunctional marriages and families–not what I want to fill my mind with. And we have so many books at home to read–thanks to Sonlight, I rarely feel the need to go.

  3. says

    I absolutely relished this post! Once a week when two of my children go to swimming lessons, I go to the library around the corner from the public pool, while they linger there for hours (they’re allowed to be there on their own over the age of 8 – we’re in New Zealand…).
    And I do love my time there.

    Firstly I’m away from the distractions of home, and it’s just kinda my time. I also find that I can get into efficient-mode really quickly and easily, since everyone around me is all concentrated and serious looking – inspires me to concentrate and be serious too.

    BUT… big but! I have never seen a library as gorgeous, cozy, welcoming, and stylish as the one you go to! WOW!!! I’m in love….

    Thanks for posting this amazing post. I feel as though we are kindred spirits already 😉

  4. says

    Oh My Word! I’m drooling! I could definitely set up office there. What a wonderful gift to the community.
    I do love our little small town library, but they won’t let me bring have my coffee. Hard to kick back and focus with my cuppa. Enjoy your office!

  5. says

    Insanely jealous! That is the most amazing place ever! I think I might need to head north to visit! Thank you so much for sharing
    I just bet that my late fees beat your late fees. I am quite proud of my late fees. NOT.

  6. says

    That library is gorgeous!!! Spectacularly gorgeous – naked man sculpture, included! Sadly, our new library isn’t very welcoming to me. But, it does it’s job – and for that I am grateful. LOVING your outfit, by the by. Is that the gap sale dress that Fringegirl made you get???

  7. says

    No, unfortunately I don’t use our library often and that’s sad. I’ve had wonderful libraries in the past and this one just doesn’t come up to snuff. Cramped space, poor selections (at least for my taste) and its not a place you want to hang out. I’ve been swapping books with friends and since I got my Kindle Fire at Christmas, reading on it. I’m very comfortable here in my little haven.

  8. says

    Your library is enchanting; how wonderful to have such a beautiful space to visit. The Christmas tree in front of the window of that pretty nook must have looked magical :)

  9. says

    I just fell in love with your “office”! I want one! Our library is just a square brick building with ZERO personality and not very much natural light. I never go. But if I had yours, wow…I’d be in Heaven. Thanks for sharing. I adore old architecture.

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