The Magical World of Fringe

queenOnce upon a time in a land far beyond the great city of New York, a little princess sat dreaming in her castle.  Her castle, the mighty fortress of the long island, was filled to overflowing with whimsical finery.  The young damsel’s fair beauty, coveted by all in the kingdom despite the scar on her right cheek, glowed from inside.  New to the kingdom, a beastly dog viciously attacked.  Only the outer blemish remains.


The fair maiden, princess Annaliese, was among the rarest of all princesses.  For you see, she did not have a wicked step-mother.  No.  Her mother, alive and well, loved her passionately and indulged her fondness for all things pink. room7

Throughout the kingdom, rumors were whispered from ear to ear.  The great queen’s hair had suddenly changed colors and none of her subjects could fathom the cause or cure. 

The butterflies carried snippets of jest and jeer directly to the queen herself; however, she and the princess blythely carried out the duties of the kingdom.


All the while, the king scoffed at powdery pink colors appearing as if the air itself cast fluffs of softness over his kingdom.  He feared his enemies would think his mighty army had become distaff, so he ordered all pink be contained to one wing of the castle – the princesses’ quarters.

Be sure to visit the Kingdom of Fringe tomorrow for the unveiling of Princess Annaliese’s room costumed in the finest pink frills royalty warrants.


The Queen of Fringe


  1. I feel so at home because our princess, too, bears similar puppy scars : )

  2. I very much look forward to tomorrows :)

  3. robinaltman says:

    That might be the cutest castle, ever! I’m dumping my boring boys. Hail to the pink castle!

  4. Laura Conley says:

    I have two little, beautiful and wonderful princesses and I could really use some ideas… can’t wait for fair maiden Annaliese’s quarters!

  5. Jumping! That’s one gorgeous castle! Me though, not so pink. SORRY!

  6. Distaff? I had to get the dictionary out on that one. Always learning something new here on The Fringe.

  7. Oh, you know I can’t wait. I believe in all things all things PINK :) And of course, if it’s for my FringeNeice…I LOVE IT:)

  8. So cute – I bet your kids love playing with their castle! I know I would if I were a kid.

  9. How fun! And that lamp is so stinkin’ cute, did you make it?

  10. Cute! But wouldn’t that scar be on her LEFT cheek?

  11. So fun to see (and read!). Fun to see some PINK in my house of all blue. Will check back in to see……

  12. Wait. I closed my laptop, brushed my teeth, and crawled under the electric blanket and then it dawned on me. I saw a new header on the FringeBlog! So I get back up, open up the laptop again, wait until it wakes up and whoppeeee! I see it. A sugar-free, refreshing new header!

    Love it, love it, love it.

    And now I’m crawling under the plug-in blanket again. Don’t ya love those kinds?

    The Texas Woman

  13. I hope I can check in with all the commoners!

  14. We’ll be there, FringeQueen. I’ll bring the drumrolls.

    The Texas Woman

  15. I anxiously await your bidding to come yon, your majesty! Until then, adieu, farewell and good night. Your Lady and Her Tramp-Debbie and Cat Daddy

  16. ooooh – I can’t wait!

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