The Year of the Mexican Birthday…Almost

It is unfortunate that my daughter will probably grow-up saying that her mother hated Mexican traditions and did not love her enough to buy her a pinata; however, these are misconceptions that no amount of salsa and burritos can fix.

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Next year I will most certainly purchase a pinata because once my daughter reaches adulthood, I know she won’t allow me to attend her therapeutic talk sessions and defend myself.  It is my maternal goal to be forever remembered as the mother who not only loved salsa & chips, but could also do the Mexican hat dance.  Well maybe not so much the hat dance as the chips, but you get the point.

Birthday Girl

Despite the lack of raining candy, we managed to have a festive birthday for FringeKid.  The day was bittersweet for me.  With a quick shoot in each ear, my baby had gone from pure cuteness to a bedazzled sparkler.  It’s similar to the transformation of a denim jacket that has suddenly been studded with rhinestones.

I’m not sure what comes next, but I have no more babies.  What I do have are ceiling and doorways filled with streamers and balloons.  I’m taking solace in the fact that they could be filled with spiders and webs and I’d much rather pink paper and expanded rubber.

So until next year, I am the mother who didn’t buy a pinata.


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    I have 2 teens and they’ve never had pinatas. Of course who knows what will be said about me in future therapy sessions. I really doubt pinatas and the lack thereof will be the issue!! lol

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    Why in the world would any self respecting parent arm their children with sticks? That only speeds up the revolution…that and candy! I do love pinatas…just not Barney or Dora ones.
    Don’t blink or it’s high heels next! Pierced ears, huh? Such a brave mom you are!

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    It is our job as mothers to give them valid reasons to go to therapy. Otherwise they’re just whining kids who never got over the fact that life is not fair. Take pride in the fact that you are helping to build her character. Or turn her into a character. Whichever one works for you.

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    I’ the mom who has yet to buy a birthday cake.

    I go homemade, so I can afford to buy a decent birthday gift!

    But some have been pitiful…..

    Bless their hearts…I try to convince them that it means I love them more than other parents love their kids…I spend time and effort in the kitchen…I don’t run to the bakery.

    But it doesn’t always work.

    by the way…the luggage was found!! Christmas is ON!!!

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    LOLOLOL I’ve never had a pinata for the resident teen… but I’m thinking he’ll be in therapy for so many other reasons…

    Happy Birthday to your baby!!! It’s scary how fast they grow up, right? augh! Go pop a balloon for me. LOL

    ;-) robelyn

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