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I’ve been tossing around an idea for a long time, but it’s kind of scary.  It would require me to take a chance, hence the reason I haven’t done it yet; however, it’s been on the brain and I’m wondering if now might be the right time.  Will you help me make an informed decision?

I’m talking about self-hosting my WordPress blog.  You see, The Domestic Fringe doesn’t have sponsors or advertisers because it’s against the WordPress rules.  Now I love WordPress.  I’m one of their biggest fans, but unlike Blogger, they have some pretty strict rules about what you can and cannot do.  I respect that since they provide such great service for FREE.

You can never beat free – a big reason I’m still here blogging.

I’d like to do more though.  Right now WordPress throws an ad on my page.  I never even get to see the ad or video they insert and I would like a bit more control over that.  I’d also enjoy making a buck off the blog if that’s possible, and believe me, I have no grand delusions about getting rich.  I just want to expand a little, take on some sponsors, and maybe sell a little ad space.  Nothing crazy.  Just a start.

Here’s my problem.  FEAR.

I can talk myself out of anything.  ANY-THING!

It will be too much trouble transferring my site to a self-hosted WordPress site.  I don’t have enough facebook followers.  My stats are too low.  My readers won’t be able to find my blog if I move.  I’ll lose everything I’ve ever written.  I’ll have to pay a monthly hosting fee.  I’ll have to maintain my site myself.  Yada, yada, yada, yada…

You see?

That’s exactly why I haven’t done it.  I’m not much of a risk taker.  I haven’t ever jumped out of a plane, gotten a tattoo of my imaginary friend in the first grade, or threw my money into the stock market.

Sometimes I’m too safe for my own good.  Anything worth getting takes hard work and certain measure of risk, faith if you will.

Maybe it’s time to take the plunge.  I am claiming to live on the Fringe here.

Here’s where you can help me out…Do you self-host?  Have you tried to turn your blog into a little more than a hobby?  How many readers are enough?  Will I just be throwing my money away?

Help a confused girl out, will ya?  Tell me your story please.

And for the record, I didn’t have an imaginary friend in the first grace and I have no money to throw into the stock market.  I just didn’t want you to think I’m stuffing my mattress with cash and talking to little people in my head.

Thanks for the help!


  1. I don’t self-host. I actually just started a blog myself. Maybe I’m just going through a “Go For It!” phase, but I think you should do it. If you feel the desire to do it, you should listen to your gut. Growing is good.

  2. Fingegirl, DO IT! I took a class about last week and it is the easiest thing to transfer your blog over. I transferred by work website to self-hosted and it was easy and there are so many options! I’m going to transfer my blog over soon. Seriously you won’t regret it. Do it!

  3. I have all kinds of fears and worries too (although not about blogging) and I can also talk myself out of almost anything. But as for self-hosting, etc., my only response is “huh?” I have no idea what you’re talking about and I’m ok with that. : )

  4. I don’t have an answer but looking forward to hearing what you and your imaginary friend decide to do!

  5. Sometimes God just wants us to step out of our comfort zone and trust Him. Even if it does not work, at least you tried. You need to move on with the blog, gain more readers and make some money for your effort and great talent to make us think, laugh at ourselves (but mostly at you!) and enjoy your wit.

  6. Jeesh, I would be in the same dilemma! I bought my domain name and that was scary enough pressing the button on that, but self-hosting. Yikes.
    I’ve just gone through my blogroll and someone who I follow is now I’m pretty certain in the deep recesses of my memory, RNP’s went self hosted. Maybe worth asking her. She is really nice and I’m sure she wont mind you asking

  7. I don’t self-host. But I do know that fear is a terrible place from which to make decisions. I wish you all the best, and promise to come find you if I lose you somewhere along the way :)

  8. There are some fabulous online classes I have been taking (only $15 bucks each) and they are taught by some prolific and successful bloggers through Alt Summit. I LOVE these classes and they cover lots of topics like growing readership, selling ad space, how to brand yourself and lots of other great ones. A question like this could be covered by one of them. I highly recommend taking one because once you see the possibilities it will help you get through your fear. See the class list here:
    Warning: these classes are addictive! You will want to take more than one! :0)

  9. I’m no help either. I’m on blogger not WordPress. I too have thought about trying to monetize, but am fearful of what all will happen. I do not want blogger or anyone else to determine what ads to put on my blog, etc. Hoping I’ll learn something from your questions and answers.

  10. I’m a Blogger person that doesn’t have the first notion of how to go about making money from it, so I may not be the best person for advice.

    However, I think you’ve got enough on the ball to use the Fringe to make a little extra cash. Besides, nothing ventured — nothing gained, right? So, go for it is my thought. Frankly, I’d like to see more of your writing. You do have a gift for it.

  11. Hi… I do not self host, but when I first moved to WordPress I read a bit about it on their website. Apparently, they’ve got a team that can help you make the move, smoothly. Also, you don’t have to lose everything you’ve ever written. You can go to settings, ‘export’ all your blog content as a file to your PC/Mac, then once you get to your new blog, you can ‘import’ everything to the new blog; pages, posts, comments, everything. It’ll appear as it did on the old blog, except of course in your new theme, if you do get a new one. I know this about exporting/importing because I’ve done it about thrice or so. One more thing, if you keep your blog name and address, you won’t lose readers either.

    Hope that helps some,

  12. jodaley says:

    I do not self host but I have all the same fears/worries you do…looking forward to hearing what people have to say about it.

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