Life is Short. Wear Your Tiara.

girl in a birthday tiara

My daughter got a tiara for her birthday.  She’s an eleven year-old princess.

We went to our favorite accessory store, Charming Charlies, and gushed over the amount of eye candy – beads as far as the eye could see, and purses with bows.  It was a rainbow of girly goodness and we found our pot of gold.

She stood in front of a wall full of tiara’s and her eyes twinkled with the reflection of rhinestones.  Sheepishly she looked up at me and said, “I’ve always wanted a tiara.”

“So get one.”  I said.

Life is too short not to wear a tiara.


Being a princes is hard work.  Life is short; wear your tiara.


The next morning I crouched over the shower, scrubbing a half inch of soap scum with a scrubbie.  The tips of my fingers were getting so clean they were raw, but soap scum is stubborn.  Fumes from the cleanser irritated my lungs and I alternated between coughing fits and holding my breath.

My daughter stood in front of the mirror, crowned and putting on invisible makeup that may or may not have sparkled in the right light.

“Does this look good?”  She asked.

The scrub brush stopped its swirling motion and I let out my breath.  Lifting up my head, I turned until I caught her reflection in the mirror.  For a moment, I was Cinderella and she was the evil step sister wearing my glass slipper, only it was a tiara.

“You look beautiful.”

And, she really did.

Then I thought about how I stopped being a princess and started being a wash woman.

My standing didn’t change, but my attitude had.  I forgot who I was, a daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

life is short. wear your tiara sign

Girls, if you’re caught up in the grime of daily living, just remember, you’re God’s princess.  So go put your tiara on and live like royalty.

P.S. Sparkly eye shadow doesn’t hurt either.

This is the lesson my daughter taught me.  She wears her and read when you're feeling less than royal


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    I love that she got a tiara! I always wanted a tiara as a little girl, but I never had one :) I love the perspective it gave you. I was actually really frustrated last night washing dishes for the umpteenth time… great reminder!

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      Carey, I haven’t seen that Pinterest post! I was sure, after all the time I waste, I would have seen all the good stuff on Pinterest by now. Nope. Still need more Pinterest time, or as my husband would say, Pin-Terrorist. Don’t let him fool you though, he enjoys the recipes.

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    She looks really cute in her tiara! I think every girl should have one. I know my youngest had one, not sure about the oldest. I have pictures with both of them in one at Disney World.

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