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I feel I must redeem myself after my last fashion post  – The Skinny on The Jean.   It is my most-shared post to date.  Part of me thinks – Fabulous!  The sane part of me thinks –  Everyone  and their neighbor was laughing at me and my not-so-skinny bottom half.

Maybe you were just identifying with my fashion struggles.  Ya, that must be it. 😉

I did get a recommendation from a trustworthy source who said I must try Old Navy’s skinny jeans, because Target’s are horrible for anyone with flesh on their bones.  That’s just the word on the Fringe, not gospel, but my ordeal was with Target’s skinny jeans, sooooo….


I love you more than cheesecake, but I hate your skinny jeans.


A Curvy Faithful Shopper

I am saying all this to say, I am keeping an open mind, but I refuse to wear pants that give me blood clots, even if they pair well with flowy tops.

By this point in the post, you all realize I have no fashion insights to bequeath to you my loyal readers; however, I did hear Oxblood is the color of fall.
Apparently it is not to be confused with dark red, plum, eggplant, burgundy, or heaven forbid, maroon.

I go by the box of Crayola Crayons and they do not have Oxblood.  I checked.  This leaves me in a fall style quandary, because what if I pick up a sweater that is more Bison blood than Oxblood?  Or, I shutter to think it, ordinary cow blood??  I live in dairy country after all.

Despite my lack of crayons, I feel confident with this color called Oxblood.  You see I wore a uniform for my entire childhood and wouldn’t you know, the plaid’s main color was Oxblood, only I didn’t go to a fashionable school, so they called it maroon.

Yes, it was a horror.

I banned the color, with any slight variations, from my wardrobe for the last few years. (You know I am lying when I say “few” years, right?  Because high-school is a distant memory.) I’ve had a change of heart though, and Target helped.

See Target, I still love you.

I present to you “Oxblood” in the form of a legging.  I can only tolerate small doses of the high-school crayonless color.

Entire fall outfit from Target dress and sweater and leggings

Please excuse the inordinate amount of photos of myself.  FringeMan was playing photographer and I was the model.  He posed me.

Do not make me explain how weird that was.

Did I mention we were in a cemetery.

Yup.  Weird. Weird. Weird.

Collage of Target Dress, Oxblood Leggings, Boots

My Daughter and I in a Photo Shoot

Then my non-Oxblood wearing daughter joined the fun.
She lets her inner super-model out at even the mention of a camera.

I quite possibly have never felt dorkier than I did posing for these pictures, which may explain why my foot is so dang high on that wall.

Either way, it was a gorgeous day and we had fun.  Thank you FringeMan.  I sure hope Vogue doesn’t snatch you away, because you’re the best photographer I have.  At least you are my height.  FringeKid always gets shots of the inside of my nose…she’s just a little too short to get a good head-on photograph.

I am linking up to Pretty Shiny Sparkly’s Bloggers Do It Better.  By “It” she means wearing Oxblood today.  Just in case you wondered.
And Wednesday I will be linking to The Pleated Poppy’s What I Wore Wednesday, only I wore this on Sunday.  And…Fashion Friday with Musings of a Housewife.

So, tell me.  What do you think of Oxblood?  Do you think spring’s hot color will be Chicken Blood?  I, for one, hope not.


  1. says

    You look amazing and that picture of you and your daughter is the cutest thing ever! Definitely frame-worthy! Oxblood has to be the least-appealing color name I’ve ever heard, but whatever they are called the leggings are very pretty and the whole outfit looks great. :)

  2. says

    1) I bought THAT dress yesterday at Tar-jay in the Aqua color scheme! And you look WAY cuter. (Isn’t that fabulous grammar?)
    2) The pictures Fringeman took are awesome!!!
    3) Oxblood, as a descriptive word, is gross. Yes indeed.
    4) This and the skinny jeans post were two of my favorites lately! That’s some funny, right there. :)

  3. says

    I thought oxblood was a color of leather, like in shoes, purses and belts. Didn’t know it was for clothing. Interesting. I love oxblood colored shoes and have been looking for a pair for the last couple of years but have not been able to find any that I like. Hope they bring them back this year.

  4. says

    Awww, you is cute! i am getting the legging hankering as well, just have to find the right over dress. And boots. And leggings. Sounds like I am getting myself into some work.

  5. says

    What a horrible name for a color! But I do love your ensemble. (Look at me using a Fancy Nancy word!) I have seen some of those very things at Target and now I know what to do with them. Very cute!

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