Tuesday’s Tantrum

I’m a pretty easy going kinda gal. 

Don’t be so surprised! 

I really am sorta laid back.  Well maybe that’s not exactly true, but it takes quite a bit to get me aggravated.  I don’t get pushed over the edge too easily.  Each morning I don my yellow rain jacket sprayed with PAM and flutter through the day allowing people’s rudeness’s, their endless opinions, and their complaints to slide off my slicker.  My key to sanity is a yellow rain coat.   

Ok, so I have moments of temporary insanity just like everyone else, but my yellow jacket keeps me happier and helps my life roll along smoothly.  Whatever works people!

Have you ever noticed that some days prove harder than others to stay chipper.  Let’s just say my chipper left and I’ve got a squawker in its’ place.

Since I can no longer contain myself (the little voices want their say), I’m going to bless you with my list of daily DO’s.

In my opinion, these are not options, except for extreme instances like your house just burned to the ground because of a fire you started in your oven.  OR, you killed your dog because you backed over him after forgetting to close the front door on your way to work.  OR, your kids painted the house with permanent marker while you were taking a shower and when you came out you screamed in terror because you thought a gang of hoodlums had graffitied your living room. OR…

I’ll stop.  I think you get the idea – EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES

Here’s my “DO” list.

1.  DO take a shower daily.  I realize your nose may not work, but you smell.  It’s just that simple.

2.  DO remove the beam from your own eye before you come looking for the splinter in my eye.  Please.  I promise you can tweeze my splinter after the beam is gone.

3.  DO remember to police your own actions as much as you scrutinize the actions of others.

4.  DO stop at red lights.  The rest of us want to escape death by collision.

5.  DO change your underwear today.  It goes along with the shower thing.  You don’t need to understand, just do it! 

6.  DO not tell ME that thirty is old.  Tell someone who is twenty.

7.  DO not ask my opinion.  You don’t want to know.

8.  DO tell the truth.  We all know you’re lying.

9.  DO give me chocolate anytime.

10.  DO not complain to me that you have no money.  You already told me that your savings account has a savings account.

That was therapeutic.  Thank you.  Feel free to add to my list.

I’ll be having another tantrum next Tuesday and I invite you to join in the fun.  I’ll be using Mr. Linky, so post a tantrum on your blog, come visit the domestic fringe, and link -up so others can visit and be entertained.  

It’s the all new Tuesday Tantrum!  Are you game? 

I’m adding the Mr. Linky today because some of you need to have a tantrum THIS Tuesday.

DO have a good day! 


  1. Love the thirty thing. Totally agree.

  2. HAH I love it…a day set aside for tantrums!! PERFECT!

  3. I echo Mindy! This is a great idea btw!

  4. Do use your blinkers when you want my lane. You can have it, just let me get out of the way first. OK?
    Do keep your grand baby pictures to a minimum of 20, anything more and honey, I just doze off. Sorry!
    Do think twice before drinking my last cold coke. Just a warning.
    Do say thank you when I hold the door open for you when you’re coming in and I’m going out. I could just let it catch you in the astor.
    Do pull the expired items out of the cold case before I come to your grocery store. Puh—lease!!!!
    Do take the time to make sure my order is right before I pull away from the drive-thru window. I would hate to have to pull my earrings off!
    Ok, I’m through and I feel good!!! I do have one question though in response to #1. To quote Ducky in Pretty in Pink-”Do I Offend?”

  5. About to go to bed, but I really had to visit you after seeing Jo’s tantrum post.

    Such great timing! I had a tantrum planned for this week, but now I’m gonna hold off until Tuesday!

    Now you need someone to make you a button for us to display. (Not me. I haven’t a clue.)

    And I love your to-do list. Great stuff, and everyone should go out and obey every item right now.

  6. Do ask about others instead of monopolizing the conversation about yourself.

    Do be kind and NOT think that making fun of others is funny.

    Do quit asking me if I went to church on Sunday.

    Do pray for me.

    Whew, yes. I DO feel better.

  7. How about:

    DO leave comments on blogs you follow and enjoy!

    The Texas Woman

  8. Caw-Fee Tok (Patti) says:

    Do ask the second question to understand before you draw a conclusion. Assume the best first.

    I will rant and rave today and before you assume why, ask me! LOL

  9. Here’s one to the co-worker who steals my crackers and wants me to do his job b/c he won’t quit when he needs to due to health issues:

    DO your own work or find someone else who needs a job (just lean out the window and yell.)

    Do keep your grubby hands away from my peanut butter or so help me God, fire breathing Chihuahuas with razor tails will be winging their way over to you!

  10. Hmm… how about: Do drive slowly outside when there are THREE INCHES OF SNOW on the ground. (I wish I could write a sign and put it on my car for the people who are flying past me!) :)

  11. Oh yes! I have tantrums daily. Thanks for the raincoat-pam idea! :)

  12. Those are great, I like Rachel’s too about milk – I think eggs fall into that same catagory. As far as the yellow slicker I like it! My husband always says “like water on a ducks back”.

  13. DO unto others as you would have them DO unto you. Period. End. Amen.

  14. I am SO doing this next week! :)

    I have one for today: DO rinse out your glass after you drink milk, because it’s a pain in the tushie trying to get dried milk out of the bottom of a glass.

  15. Amen to turning down the car stereo – we know your speakers are worth more than your entire car, but you don’t have to prove it.

    DO pick up after yourself. The trash you left in your shopping cart doesn’t magically fly over to the garbage can.

    Whew – thanks for letting me get that out Fringe Girl.

  16. LOVE the Tuesday Tantrum! And I gotta get me one of those rain jackets…

    Add to list: Do things out of the kindness of your heart, WITHOUT making a show about it to get credit. (Gah! This drives me nuts with a certain person or two in my life.)

  17. Please oh please can we do this EVERY Tuesday? I have so much angst saved up and ready to unload, I could be tantrum-ing Tuesday-ing until 2020. I’ll planning have a post to link up to yours before sundown. Meantime, I’m off to take a shower, and then work my day job. Because I smell and I’m soo sooo busy and exhausted and probably have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (this one’s for you, Caprik). :-)

  18. Gosh, I wrote that last comment right before going to bed. Then I felt so guilty, I could hardly sleep last night. So this morning I need to clear my conscious.

    If any of your dear readers has one of those big thumper car stereo systems with the deep bass sounds that rattle the glass of nearby storefronts, wear the crotch of their pants between their knees to show off their boxers as a fashion statement or adorn their pickup trucks with a plastic replica of a big pair of bull testicals, I just want to apologize for my harsh words. Peace.

  19. DO tell someone else how exhausted and busy you are. It’s not a contest. It’s really not even a subject of conversation. WE.DO.NOT.CARE. Who is in control of your life, anyway?

    DO stop exaggerating. I discount what you say and shave 35% of your believability, IMMEDIATELY , the second you open your mouth. Things NEVER need to be worse than they are.

    DO save the drama for your mama. I don’t want to watch you spin off into outer space.

    DO stop self diagnosing yourself and others. Not everything is a disease. Sometimes you just don’t feel good.

    DO stop whining. You are not the most put upon person on the planet. You are just having LIFE.

    How long do I have here? I think you have touched a nerve. Probably the LAST nerve!
    Woo Hoo for Tantrum Tuesdays!!!!

  20. Ohhhhh, you’ve made me so happy!

    At the moment, my big one is:
    Don’t continuly talk about yourself. No one wants to know minute by minute of you, just you. The world is not holding it’s breath until you speak.
    And yesss, get that thing off that truck bumper.
    Another one, please offer to move your grocery basket without having to be asked. I don’t care if you don’t speak English, let’s just call it OBVIOUS!

    Thanks to you Fringegirl, I’ll be a nicer person today. There were some iffy moments yesterday… ~PJ

  21. i love your “to do” list =) and can you tell me where i can get one of those yellow slickers?

  22. DO adjust the volume on YOUR car stereo to a low enough level that I can still hear MY car stereo when I’m inside my vehicle with the windows rolled up. Also, if you feel the need to turn your stereo up that loud, why are you wearing earplugs?

    DO pull up your pants. You just look stupid. But on a positive note, you won’t be able to run from the cops very fast.

    DO remove the plastic bull scrotum from the bumper of your pickup. Again, you just look stupid.

    Sorry, that’s all I’ve got! :-)

  23. Too funny! Love the chocolate one.

  24. robinaltman says:

    I love Tuesday Tantrum!!! Here’s mine – Do say something nice with a smile instead of something snarky. Smiles don’t lessen the nastiness of a comment. (That’s directed at someone I work with. Gee. Hope she doesn’t read your blog. Never mind. She’d never recognize herself.)

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