Two are Better than One

Two are better than one.  Sure, that’s in the Bible and we always think of it in terms of marriage, but the application of that truth is so much broader than husband and wife.

We need a team.

Each of us has our own strengths and we’re pretty good on our own, but when we get together with a few other people who will think with us, create with us, support and encourage us, we become great.

We weren’t meant to do this life alone.  Apply that to whatever area of your life needs bolstering – friendships, work, play, ministry, etc.

Two are better than one.  For reals.

Two are better than one.  Sure, that's in the Bible and we always think of it in terms of marriage, but the application of that truth is so much broader than husband and wife.  We need a team.

None of us are good at everything.  Ok, some of you are good at a lot of things, but the rest of us are good at one or two things and then we’re pretty stinkin’ bad at the rest.  That’s how life is.  We can work together and compliment each other or we can use our strengths to prey on another’s weakness and destroy them.

It’s way better to compliment than to destroy.  Just saying.

For instance, I’m not a logical person.

Sit me down in front of a test that requires logical thinking and I will self-combust.

If you’re gonna get trapped on a desert island and need to bring someone to help get you off the island (A three-hour tour anyone?), I am not your girl.  Leave me far behind, because if you’re counting on my logical thinking to keep us alive and get us rescued, we’ll die sunburned and hairy.

Last summer and I read and reviewed A Paris Wife.  I was struck by how all the great artists of that time sought each other out, creating a scene, whether in Paris or elsewhere.

They fed off each others creativity.  They helped make one another great.

Hemingway hung with the likes of Stein, and Fitzgerald, Ezra Pound and more.  I would love to have been one of the ones reading pieces of their unfinished works, the early copies scrawled onto page after page of ordinary paper.

When you get a few good minds together, they can make history.

I was reminded of that a few weeks ago when I went to the conference, Raising Generations Today.  I got together with a few ladies and in minutes, they took my simple black and white words and turned them into something unique and special.  My creation was one-dimensional and they literally made it 3-D.  That’s what happens when creativity feeds off creativity.

They took my idea, recognized my strength, and they filled in the gaps my weakness left.

Two are better than one.

Weakness is not something to be feared.  We all have weakness, but if we’re smart, we’ll allow someone to come alongside us and be strong in our weakness.

Apply that where it fits.

If we’re gracious, grace-filled, we’ll come alongside another and fill in their gaps.  We’ll be strong when they are not.  We’ll help make them great by taking their little bit of strength and confirming it.  We’ll help it come to life, to 3-D.

Some call it teamwork, others call it a tribe, a support network, friendship, a club, a group, a scene, community.  Others just say two are better than one.  Either way, find your people.  Don’t go it alone.  We need each other.

Go make someone else great.

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  1. glennriccobono says

    Thanks Tricia. Going it alone is really boring. :) It immediately made me think of a Sanctus Real song.

  2. says

    Amen! One of our core values for our ministry here in S. Africa is teamwork. We only do things in teams but we believe it’s important!

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