Utensils: Modern Recycled Bling

I laid in bed this morning until I heard the front door slam shut.  It was my son leaving for school and I didn’t even send him off with a kiss and a “Did you brush your teeth?”

Thankfully my eleven year-old is the responsible one.  Here’s the thing, I was awake, as in fully.  I was simply waiting for my alarm clock to ring, because everyone knows a day cannot begin until the clock beeps.  Why in the world would I get up a minute before I had to?

It seems the time on my alarm clock fell back.  Again.  I thought I told the silly thing that time already changed.  Now it stands still until spring.  When I thought it was 5:59 am, it was really 6:59 am.  I am a bad, bad mom who cannot tell time.

I also had a contractor coming at 8:00 am and wanted to have enough time to be  ready to face the world and the kitchen guy who is going to save my kitchen from unfinished limbo.  I don’t think I was ready enough, because around 7:50, FringeMan looked at me and said, “You better tame the snakes.  He’ll be here any minute.”

Those snakes are my locks of hair.  My husband lovingly refers to me as Medusa.  Not sure if that’s a term of endearment or not, but he’s buying me a dishwasher, so he can call me Medusa for a little while longer.

It was a good weekend – busy, but good.

Saturday was ‘Girl’s Day’.  Originally my mom was going to join us for this day out, but she couldn’t make it.  So, FringeKid and I went with a friend.  This friend of ours lives with a lot of boys and she definitely needed some girl time.  We went to a big arts & crafts fair at the local community college.  There’s a lot of talent around here.  It was a great show!

FringeKid bought a fun pottery mug and a Christmas gift for her brother.  It’s a wooden frog that makes croaking noises when you run this wooden dowel down its back.  Very cool.

I got utensils.

Jewelry utensils.

Pretty cool, huh?

My friend also made some lovely purchases.  Unfortunately I didn’t get photos of her ring.  It’s even cooler than mine.  She told me that she operates under the premise that less is more.  I said, I like to think tacky is terrific.

We also attended a memorial service for our friend and an Awana Grand Prix.  FringeKid painted a car blue, glued a piece of bark and few blades of grass to the top.  Then she adhered a Squinky Duck to the little natural island and called the car “Ugly Duckling.” My son’s car was worse.

We’re not great with cars.

All in all, it was a lovely weekend.  How about yours?


  1. My sister and I went to a “Christmas Gifts” show at the expo center. They had some utensil art there too, rather than jewelry they had made salt and pepper shaker holders, napkin holders and other such stuff, very cool.

  2. The ring is so cool!

  3. So cool! I love it.

  4. Hello my friend,

    I’ve missed you and your shenanigans:) You better stop by and say hi!!


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