Washed, Dried, & Waiting to Wear: Why This Woman Sundenly Likes Laundry

Saturday landed me in the laundromat.  It wasn’t an all too terrible experience.  Besides the machines eating coins faster than I could dig them up from under the car seat (and from pockets of old coats and in-between couch cushions), it was nice to have all the laundry washed, dried, and folded in about two hours, give or take an hour since I don’t own a watch.

Usually I am doing laundry every waking minute of my life almost every day.  I know some people pile it all up and save it for a once-a-week marathon, but my washer tends to leak and it would be a full-on flood if I did twenty loads in one day.  Besides one of us is always running out of something, especially FringeMan.  I doubt he has enough work pants and sweatshirts to make it through a week.  So, I wash often, until my dryer died an untimely death and forced me to the laundromat.

I can only hang so many clothes in my house to dry before I get claustrophobic and feel like I’ve been sent to a sudsy purgatory.  Because the weather was cold and dreary, outside was not option.  It’s really never an option since I have nowhere discreet to hang clothes.  I doubt my neighbors want our undergarments waving in their windows.  Know what I mean?  We just don’t have much of a yard.

All those words and I could have just said, Saturday I went to the laundromat.  Why you stick with me, I’ll never understand, but I do appreciate.

So while I’m in the laundromat twiddling my thumbs and keeping my children from using a wayward sock they found as a slingshot to sail quarters through air, I thought how nice it would be to have multiple washers and dryers in my house.  I mean, imagine… not one, but two commercial size loaders whipping the dirt from clothes faster than you fill the hamper…it’s almost as good an idea as hiring a housekeeper.  Ok, not really, but it’s still a good idea.  Too bad Sears doesn’t have a two-for-one sale.

Sears, do hear me?  Your washers and dryers are too expensive!  Can I become a product tester or something?  We have lots of dirty clothes.

After I finished fantasizing about super-capacity red washers, I thought about how lucky I am to have a washer and dryer.  I could be walking to a creek to beat the body odor out of my son’s gym socks.  Praise the good Lord for modern conveniences!

Then I thought that in the olden days people wore their clothes multiple times before washing.  I mean, they must have.  They didn’t have many clothes to rotate.  My mind kept thinking.  I couldn’t stop it.  They only bathed once a week and I doubt they had deodorant.  Good heavens!  They must have stunk like dirty dogs in the rainy season.

I know what my son smells like after gym class and I force him to bathe daily, against his better judgement.  Imagine if we only bathed once a week?  Our furniture would smell like toe jam and armpits.  I have a terrible sense of smell and still, I think I would die of olfactory overload.  No amount of candles can cover week-old rot.

So this morning when I woke up to find the hamper full.  I did not even complain.  I just pushed the pile of clothes down as far as they’d go and determined to buy a bigger hamper.

I’ve decided I like laundry – clean, folded, and waiting to wear.

The end.


  1. It’s amazing how thankful we become once we don’t have something for a little while! We haven’t had a washer and dryer since we’ve been married, and I can’t tell you how much I look forward to doing laundry in my own house one day! :)

  2. Hahaha!! I’d never have survived back then! lo

  3. A few years ago we bought a front-loading washer and dryer like the one pictured above. The combo at our parsonage wasn’t working properly and, quite honestly, I wanted something of my own. Anyway, while I love it a lot I still have laundry piled everywhere. There are three baskets blocking the door to the garage and one right in front of me in the living room. The only difference in having a nice, bigger, washer is that the mounds of clothes are now clean rather than dirty!! :-)

  4. Judy Brodie says:

    Pretty Funny :) I’m glad you used LOTS of words :)

  5. I hear ya sister! Amen. :)

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