What I Did in 31 Days

October was weird for me.

I blog day-to-day, about life and the stuff that is stuck in my head.  October was different.  I told stories everyday and wrote about one topic – Living by Faith.

Since I tend to be a fly by the seat of my pants kind of blogger, I thought I would hate writing on a specific topic, but I surprised myself.  I actually enjoyed the discipline of it all.

Discipline leads to accomplishment.  Shocking, I know.

During those 31 days, I lived life.  I thought about writing the ordinary things, only my thoughts never made it to paper, so they are gone, lost in the sea of memory.

I do have pictures though, and some say they are worth a thousand words.  I’ll let you be the judge.

(FYI:  Before someone freaks out…we are using BB guns in the photos and we are shooting at a target.  Obviously we take our right to bear arms and shoot BB’s very seriously.)

outdoor photography Old house in field - FallFall Landscape fieldtarget practicelandscape photographyWhat did you do in October?


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    I’m still too busy blogging about September, maybe by the time December rolls around I will be ready to re-hash October. Love your pictures. Tell me how do you add your watermark on the photos?

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      Picmonkey.com. Just insert a text box. It’s a bit of a pain, because you have to save it without the watermark for yourself and then save it with the watermark for your blog, but I have been told to watermark, so I just began. I probably won’t always do it, but when I feel like going the extra mile, I’ll mark. ;-)

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    Great “shots” {hehe}…You need to sell your photos or something. You’re really good! Your 31 Days series was awesome as well. And – you win the fin mom award. Could life get any better?

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    Hey girl! Your pictures are stunning today!!!! I throughly enjoyed your series. I often wondered how it was going behind the scenes blogging every single day and admire you for that discipline. I’m not sure I could’ve accomplished it. It was a blessing to so many though and you did a wonderful job! Thank you so much.

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