What’s In Style?

Fall Fashion Trends:  Six Styles You Won't Want to Miss

In honor of Fashion Week, let’s talk about what is In Style.

The other day I did something that I never do.  Ever.

I bought a magazine, InStyle magazine to be exact.

Don’t even ask me why.  It was a lapse in good sense, because the thing cost six dollars, but my daughter was with me and she can do a whopper of a job talking me into things.  Seriously.  Never take the kid shopping, because your wallet will be emptied before you know it and you’ll have a bag of stuff you never knew you needed.

So we came home and went through this magazine one page at a time.

What’s In Style you ask?

Here’s what we found.



Girls you better get comfy wearing the little animal that was digging through your trash just last month, because there are bits of fur everywhere.

I’m sure it’s faux, not that I would poo-poo real fur.

My husband is in the fur business of sorts.  He’s just on the trapping end.  Please don’t throw stones.

He could totally have a TV show of his own.  Those duck hunters have nothing on him.

InStyle:  Fall Fashion Trend - Fur

Once we went to Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City and I tried on fur coats while my husband talked in detail about the type of fur I was wearing.  Finally the gentleman helping us said, “Your a trapper, aren’t you?”

Maybe it was the rubber boots that gave him away, or the fact that, judging from our clothes, there was no way in this world we could actually afford a fur coat.


Marc Jacobs – He’s using fur in his adds – fur shawl.

Michael Kors – Fur vest.

Salvatore Feviagamo (I don’t even know who that is…you can tell I’m not a fashion blogger.) – Fur coat.

Stuart Weitzman – Risque fur…there’s nothing on underneath.


The list goes on, but you get my point.  Fur is in.

I’ll opt out of this trend, but my daughter will opt in.  You can count on that.


Patterned Pants

You know I’m a fan of this trend.  When I dished out some advice for the fashionably challenged, I created a look around a pair of brown printed pants.

women's fashion, printed jeans

I know the trend may not be for everyone, but I would encourage you not to swear it off before you try it.  There are lots of styles and patterns at affordable prices when it comes to patterned pants.  I only paid $8 for each of mine, so it doesn’t have to be a major investment in your long-term wardrobe.

WIWW: Flower Printed Pants

Natalia from Ma Nouvelle Mode showed us nine ways to wear patterned jeans this week.  If you missed it, you’ll want to check it out.


90′s Style Winter Coats

Anyone else notice the deep-V collars with only one button and the rounded shoulders in coats?

I’m telling you, they are reminiscent of the 90′s and I’m not going back for my winter coat.  I can still see it and I still hate it.

Double yuck on this style.


Moto Jackets

I’m assuming that stands for motorcycle jackets.  Correct me if I’m wrong.

I like the trend.  Lots of colors and types to choose from and they are available at all price points and they even have them in fleece.

I’d get one if I were in the market for a new jacket, but I’m really not unless it’s a short trench at an affordable to me price.  That would be very useful.



For those of you who love animal prints, you’re in luck.  Snakeskin is hot this season.  You heard it here first.  Ok, probably not, but I’ve always wanted to say that.

I am in luck.  Last year I won a blog giveaway (can’t remember where, sorry.) and I chose a snakeskin dress.

I didn’t even know about the trend.  Good luck or fashion genius?  Take your pick.  I’m leaning toward genius, so balance me out, will you?

InStyle:  Fall Fashion Trend - Snakeskin



These should be saved for scrapbooking my friends, especially the side cut-outs.

I mean, unless you’re wearing 0% body fat, every time you sit down, your love handles are going to poke through those side cut-outs.  Who is the genius that came up with that trend?

Two thumbs down from me and my love handles.

As if muffin tops weren’t enough…



Dare I say plaid?

It’s subtle yet, but I think we’re going to see more of it.  Now, despite wearing a plaid uniform all my school days, I love plaid.  I cannot help myself.  There aren’t even any kilt wearers in my heritage, but still, I like me some colorful plaid.

What do you think?

Will we see it in the stores?



This year is all about the animals – fur, leather, and snakeskin.

If you want to update your wardrobe, buy something that reminds you of a trip to the zoo.  That’s my best advice.

And I wonder why I’m never invited to fashion week.


Fashion Friday link up


That’s my take on Fall Fashion Trends via InStyle.

What are your favorite or not-so-favorite trends for fall?

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  1. says

    Snakeskin? Oh, my…..Fortunately, I think we’re a bit behind the times in Missouri!! Maybe in many ways… :-) Honestly, I prefer simplicity when it comes to wardrobe. I like solid colors and mixing a bright with a neutral. I’ve always been more of a fan of 1940′s and 50′s fashion than contemporary. But, that’s just me…. You look great in the plaid and flowery pants, btw. I would never be brave enough for that. And, I prefer skirts and dresses. I like the comfort of being pant-less! :-)

  2. says

    I love Instyle magazine . My girlfriend got me a year subscription as a wedding gift!
    I think you can thank me for the patterned pants trend, I started it years ago with my old lady Florida flower pants ;)

  3. says

    Oh dear -sounds like I’ll be missing out on pretty much ALL of the fashion trends for the year, then. Maybe I’ll wear cut-outs, though… for Halloween. That’ll REALLY give everyone a scare!

  4. says

    Haha I am loving your take on these trends! I usually kind of ignore a trend until it’s been cool for a few years and then I jump on the bandwagon super late (for example, skinny jeans, booties, colored pants – all trends I waited a long time to embrace). But that’s the thing about trends – they are fun but only if you actually like them!

  5. says

    Love all these! And you are rocking the patterned pants, I love both outfits! I’m actually excited plaid is in! And then I looked in my closet and realized I didn’t own one piece of it! Guess I gotta go shopping! :)


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