Who Cut the Cheese?

Are we crazy?

Why of course not.  Why do you ask?

Silly Face @ Awana

Sunday night we attended an Awana awards banquet.  Awana is a children’s program run through a church.  All throughout the year, the kids memorize Bible verses, play games, and do all sorts of silly super-fun things, but it’s not just fun and games.  The kids are on teams and they earn individual and team points for everything from wearing their uniform t-shirt to winning a game of dodge ball.  Although for some of the kids it’s quite competitive, I have a sneaking suspicion my son attends just for the dodge ball games.

When we walked into the gymnasium Sunday night, long tables were covered into bright green cloths with tissue paper pop-poms making everything look bright and cheery and quiet fain-cy.  Toys and games were piled high in the front of the gym.  A large screen was set up and photos of children, leaders, and parents from throughout the year flashed for our enjoyment.  The kids excitement could be felt.

So we found a few seats at a table filled with children and made ourselves comfortable.  Bowls of nuts and m&m’s were scattered around the table, an appetizer of sorts.  I took a handful nuts, just so I could get a few of those m&m’s in the mix.  FringeMan spied a little dish across the table and said, “Oh, I’m gonna grab a slice of cheese.”

He took the neat little white square and popped it in his mouth faster than I could say, “That’s butter!”

Too late.

He looked over to me, eyes wide with surprise, and said, “That’s not cheese.”

All the kids laughed and laughed.

I said, “You know that’s making the blog cut this week.”

The moral of the story:  If in doubt about the little white squares, ask a kid to try it first.

Once we moved past appetizers, the food was lovely.  A brownie sundae rounded out the meal.  While we were eating our ice-cream, one of the girls at our table looked at FringeMan and asked, “What land are you from?”

“What land am I from?”  FringeMan questioned in confusion.

“He’s out of this world, honey.”  I answered for him.

Really, we cannot blame her for wondering where FringeMan came from.  After all, he eats pats of butter.

By the end of the night, FringeKid won a fluffy white bunny and FringeBoy came home with an automatic pitch machine, the kind you use for baseball practice.

He went up to fetch his award, and when he sat back down, he held up his pitching machine and said, “Awesome!  Look at my new cannon.”

And sure enough, FringeMan took quite a few shots from the “cannon” when we came home.

But the question still begs to be answered.  Who cut the cheese anyway?

Now tell me your family has crazy tendencies too.  Is it just us?  Anyone else ever mistake a slice of butter for cheese?

BTW If you invite us over for dinner, just leave the butter in stick form.  I promise none of us will pick it up and start chomping away.


  1. I really like your kind of crazy!!

  2. I love hearing stories of you sweet, quirky little family. My kids are all grown, and most of their quirkiness has grown up and left them.

  3. I was at a baby shower and the cupcakes and nuts were on the food table, so I helped myself to a cupcake, as did a few other guests. Suddenly, one of the “grandmothers” stood up and yelled at me to put it back. It seems they were meant for the final treat of the day. Who knew?

  4. Haha.. too funny.. reminds me of the time I went out to dinner with my parents. Nice Italian place where they put a small bowl of herbs 7 such to be mixed with olive oil and then you dunk your bread in it. Well my sweet dad said, “Uh Honey (to my Mom), why is there potpurri on the table”.. Men, gotta love them..
    Looks like it was a fun night for all!!

  5. Hilarious! I think Squishy did that at a buffet once. Love the title of the post, too! :)

  6. Hahaha! That’s too funny!

  7. I never had any of the kiddos mistake butter for cheese, but my youngest did mistake a chunk of broken deodorant for popcorn and tried to eat it!

  8. I can’t say I have ever eaten butter that I know of, however I had a weakness for a nice banana and bacon sandwich. Most people think thats a bit off.

  9. My husband will kill me for telling this. Several years ago we were spending the evening at a friend’s house during Christmas. My husband picked up a jar of nuts and began eating them with relish. We all started snickering and he said ‘what’s so funny?’ He was eating dog treats and enjoying them! :)

  10. We are so bizarre. I’m always afraid for new people coming into our lives because they won’t get our hilarities and craziness. :) Normal is boring my aunt always says.

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