Why I Took A Vacation Day to Clean

I took a vacation day today, so I can stay home and clean my house.

I can’t imagine anything more pathetic, but if I don’t get this Christmas tree down soon, I’m going to have to make hearts to hang on it.

I thought about selling the house, as is, and starting over with a clean slate, but my husband wasn’t quite on board with that plan.

At six o’clock this morning, I dragged myself out from under my twenty layers of blankets and plodded down the stairs to face the to-do list.  It took about three minutes before I went directly back to bed.  I did not pass go and pick up my paycheck.  I did not spray Scrubbing Bubbles on the shower.  I did not even remove one of the hundred ornaments hanging sadly from my dusty tree.  I just went back to bed.

House Cleaning Woes of a Working In-The-Home and Out-of-the-Home Mom

My floors are textured with dirt and rock salt.

My dishes are dirty, all of them.

My plants are dead.

My sheets need washing.

My windows are … ah, forgettabout the windows.

My bathroom is a hot-house for micro-bacterial fungi of the worst kind.

My clothes are dirty, so are my kid’s clothes and my husband’s clothes.  In fact, my neighbor’s clothes are probably dirty too, but I only took one vacation day.

My hallway is a pile, just a pile.  It should be a bright, happy, clear space with twenty-seven hooks for coats and backpacks and other assorted winter gear.  Now, it’s a pile.

I don’t know what’s under the couch, and honestly, who cares?  If you wanna move my couch or any major appliances for that matter, you do so at your own risk.

There’s a science fair going on my refrigerator.  I bet I’ll win first place.

Dust – should we even talk dust?  We all know how bunnies multiply, so let your imagination run wild.  I almost feel like the bunnies are pets.  My daughter probably feeds them at night like she does the mice.

Feed the mice, you ask?

Oh, yes.  She very purposefully leaves a Cheerio in opportune mouse munching locations.  I may as well list this house on the registry for rodent rentals.  I’m happy to say we currently have vacancies.

But, for now, I’m sipping a hot cup of coffee and I’m documenting my lameness.  One day, my well-rested, energetic self will read this, and I’ll wag my head while a “tsk, tsk” sound escapes my pursed lips; however, for this moment, I’ll enjoy a minute of silence (except for the whir of the washing machine…I threw a load in before I even sipped my coffee), drink my coffee, and round up some enthusiasm for a long day’s work.

Then I’ll show that snotty to-do list who’s boss!

Bye-bye Christmas tree.  I’ll see you in eleven months.

Wish I could say the same for the dust bunnies.


Happy Friday friends!

May your weekend be relaxing and rejuvenating.  Oh, and have a little fun too.  Kay?

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  1. says

    Ugh, I feel your pain..my list today is a mile long. Added to it is a funeral to go to today and a long flight next week to help care for a dying granny. Ah well, cup of tea on board and I hope to be ready to tackle the list.

  2. tckk says

    When you’re done there, want to come to Ohio and do mine? lol I did clean my bathroom floor and washed all the throw rugs in the house last night.

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