WIWW – My Husband likes My Ugliest Outfit

WIWW - A Weeks Worth of Fashion

I’ve skipped WIWW twice, but this week I remembered to take pictures, almost every day.  If you’re new around here, I attempt to participate in What I Wore Wednesday each week, not because I’m delusional and think I’m a fashionista, but for simple motivation.  It embarrasses me into getting dresses and looking decent every day.

Not really, but some days, that’s absolute truth.

Other days, especially “work” days at home, scrubbing toilets and doing laundry, I wear lame outfits like this one.


Yoga Pants and a Men's Dress Shirt

Cropped Yoga Pants: Walmart,  Thrifted Shirt:  Goodwill,  Long-Sleeved T-shirt: Hand-me-Down,  Flip-flops – Walmart

Here’s the kicker.  Every single time I wear these cropped yoga pants and this thrifted men’s shirt, my husband tells me I look cute.  Every. Time.

I think I may be the luckiest woman on earth.  Here I come Goodwill, because this washed out, soft shirt is the comfiest thing I own.


Green Printed Sundress from Kohl's

My mom totally surprised me with this outfit – the entire thing, even the flip-flops.  I love it!

The other day I pulled up to the house with a car full of kids and one of them spotted the package waiting at my front door.  As soon as the truck stopped, they all went running out to see who it was for.  Some of these kids don’t even technically live in my house and they still went running for the package.  Sheesh!

The greatest thing happened though, it was addressed to me and the contents were actually for me.  Yippee!

Thank you mom.  I love, love, LOVE this outfit!  It’s cool and comfy.

multi-strand necklace from Kohl's


She even bought a necklace.  I love these multi-strand necklaces and it’s great colors.  I know I can wear it with other outfits too.

I believe she bought the whole outfit from Kohl’s.  Correct me if I’m wrong mom.


Shorts and Animal Print Top - WIWWShorts:  Hand-me-Down,  Shirt:  GAP (years ago)

I think I’m going to trash these shorts.  They’re a size too big and they fall down all day long.  They really aren’t worth the effort it takes to keep them up.

Chevron Striped Maxi Skirt outfit - WIWWSkirt & Top:  Walmart,  Necklace: Charming Charlies,  Shoes: K-Mart

This is my super-comfy maxi skirt.  I need to branch out and force some t-shirts to “go” with this skirt, so I can wear it more.

Old navy Striped Cotton Skirt - WIWWSkirt & Shirt: Old Navy,  Shoes: Famous Footware (last year in Georgia)

I know this picture looks like I’m watching the pigeons to make sure they don’t poop on my head.  What can I say?  Sometimes there’s truth in pictures.

Printed Skirt with LOVE t-shirt - Old Navy - WIWWSkirt & T-Shirt:  Old Navy,  Flip-Flops: Walmart

This is another super-comfy outfit.  I’ve about given up on shorts for summer.  They don’t fit me correctly and they aren’t flattering.  Skirts and dresses are so much easier.  I don’t like to mess around with clothes in the morning.  I just want to get dressed and go.

That’s what I wore this week.  I think the warm weather is finally here to stay and I am glad.  Very, very glad.

Now it’s your turn.  What are you wearing this summer?

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  1. Becky says

    just found your blog, (complete accident). I really like it! its funny and real ! I’m not a blogger no time! but I really am going to try and follow yours! Enjoyed it

  2. says

    I love your maxi skirt! I think it would look really cute with a black or chocolate brown tank top too. I’m so with you on the shorts thing… it’s hard to find the right fit! Go skirts!!! :)

  3. says

    I showed this post to my hubby and he said ‘exactly’. He agree with your husband. He said there’s something about a girl when it doesn’t look like she tried that’s so beautiful.
    We should double date :) They can wear camo and cargo pants and we’ll wear their old shirts and leggings!
    ps, I love the ‘love’ t-shirt with the floral print skirt! But, you look great period, no matter what you wear!

  4. says

    They all look great! And the picture of you watching the pigeons–I thought you were staring off into the distance. I thought, man, she looks good and poses well too! : )

  5. says

    That green dress is so cute! Your mom is so sweet!

    I love that your husband loves your “grubby” outfit – it must be the tight pants :) My husband says the same thing when I wear leggings and a huge tshirt around the house. I’m always like, what??

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