WIWW: Spring Outfits & Comfortable Shoes

Welcome to What I Wore Wednesday, The Pleated Poppy’s fashion event of the week.

If you’re new around here, taking pictures of my daily outfits may seem insane. I mean, who cares what I wore last Monday?

I get that. I don’t care much myself, however, I absolutely love the hundreds of women who are brave enough to plaster their pictures on the internet so we can all be inspired.

WIWW isn’t about being a fashionista. It’s about being a real woman doing her best to get dressed. Some days are better than others.

WIWW: Geometric Top from KmartJeans: Loft, Top: Kmart, Tank: Walmart, Shoes: Crocs

I was in Kmart last week buying things for my kids when I spotted this shirt.  In fact, I didn’t buy it the first time I saw it, but I went back for it.

I had a comforter on my dorm-room bed in college (way back in the 90’s) with a similar geometric print, only the comforter had a black background and larger triangles.  Now, it’s like I’m wearing my beloved blanket.  I’m glad I went back for it.

And, let’s take a moment for these sandals, because they are comfortable.

WIWW Crocs Wedge Sandals
crocs Women’s 15313 Leigh Graphic Wedge Pump

I bought these when I was in Atlanta this winter and I’m glad I did!  They even come in red & white polka dots…I’m in love.

WIWW:  Bird Shirt and JeansJeans: Old Navy (old), Shirt and Tank: Kohl’s, Necklace: Charming Charlies.

I hate these jeans.  I keep waiting for them to wear out, so I can justify (in my own head) getting rid of them.  I’ve had them for years and I’ve always hated them.  They fall down and it drives me crazy.

Do you have any jeans like that?

I always try and make sure I have an undershirt tucked in when I’m wearing these.

WIWW:  Blue & Pink Bird Shirt

Here’s a close-up of the shirt.  I think the birds are kinda cute.

Maxi Skirt and Sweatshirt Kohls

Skirt and Shirt:  Kohl’s, Bag: HERE

My son told me I look like an old librarian in this outfit, so I scooted my glasses down to the tip of my nose.  Old librarian or not, it’s COMFORTABLE!

This shirt is light-weight sweatshirt material and I could wear it every day.  And, maxi-skirts are like fancy yoga pants.  I’m wearing dressed-up pajamas.  Fashion doesn’t get any better than that my friends!

That’s it for this week!

I did get dressed the other days, but I got worn out taking pictures.  I can only feel ridiculous so many days in a row before I give up.  I would make a very, very bad fashion blogger.

So, what did you wear this week?

Was it warm in your part of the world??

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  1. Stephanie Oh says

    I had no idea Crocs made cute wedges, and “YES!!!” to dressed up pajamas. I’ve tried explaining this to all of my coworkers – those Loft Outlet cotton dresses & skirts that I live in? Not because I’m fancy and feminine, but because they’re the equivalent of socially acceptable pajamas. Glad to meet a kindred spirit :)

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