Stupid Photo Day

red pants, animal print shirt and gap sweater

The other day I handed my husband the camera and said, "Stupid photo day is coming, I need a picture." I don't think What I Wore Wednesday is stupid, I just think my pictures end up looking a wee bit dorky.  I even tried the whole casually look away from the camera thing, I end up looking like the hunchback searching for a dropped button. I just can't be subtle or causally relaxed when posing for a picture.  I don't have the "strike a pose" gene, or jeans for that matter! So, if I refer to Wednesdays as Stupid Photo Day, will you be offended?  Some people easily offend and I make it a … [Read more...]

WIWW: Fun Graphic Sweater & DIY Boot Socks

owl sweater and peach pants

FringeKid received a sizable gift card to Kohl's for Christmas.  I'm always thankful for family who bless my kids with nice Christmas gifts.  I really do appreciate them. As soon as she opened her gift card, she said, "I want you to get something too." And she meant it. FringeKid and I have a little tradition in Kohl's.  Every time we get to go shopping there, I always split whatever money I have with her.  We each scour the clearance racks, including the jewelry clearance rack and walk away with something fabulous. Usually we only go in the store with fifteen or twenty bucks, … [Read more...]

Red Pants and Tacky Lipstick

cotton dress summer to winter Target style

Today is What I Wore Wednesday and I'm joining Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy.  I know it's weird to show you what I'm wearing, but the purpose of WIWW is to help stay-at-home/work-from-home women get out of their pajamas. It's true.  Some days we need lots of motivation. I know it's very shallow and possibly even careless to write about such trivial matters during these tragic times; however, I still cannot think about those little school kids in Sandy Hook Elementary without crying.  It breaks my heart, but I have two children in my own home who think this is truly the best time of the … [Read more...]

Hand Me Downs & Remixing – WIWW

mixed prints - argyle sweater and polka dot shirt

Contrary to popular belief, hand-me-downs are not just for children. Recently I was blessed with a few trash bags full of clothes.  Some work for me and some don't, but I've been trying to mix and match and work more and more pieces into my wardrobe. So, this is what I wore this week. If you are new around here, I don't just  take pictures of myself, because I like how I look.  I document what I wear as motivation, not only to dress better, but also to just simply get dressed.  When you work at home, it's easy to get stuck in the rut of pj pants or yoga pants.  This helps us out of … [Read more...]

Advice for The Fashionably Challenged

fashion, style, printed jeans

In this life, there are those of us who can and those of us who cannot. Some women have a natural flare for style and fashion; the rest of us stand in front of our closet and wonder why we have nothing to wear. Here's some good advice: If you are fashionably challenged, find someone to be your fashion inspiration and emulate them. Blogs are filled with fashion inspiration.  Ever hear of What I Wore Wednesday?  Hundreds of real women with real shapes and sizes link up to show off what they wore that week.  Many of them shop at stores you and I can afford - Target, Old Navy, Kohl's, … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: Guest Post – Anya Sarre

Anya Sarre Stylist to the Stars

Today I welcome Anya Sarre to The Domestic Fringe.  She contacted me and offered to write a real fashion post.  I figured it might be nice to read something on fashion from someone who knows what she is talking about. *********************************** Anya Sarre is one of Hollywood’s most influential trendsetters. A nationally recognized celebrity stylist, Sarre is known for her impeccable eye and ability to tie any look together with the perfect accessory. Named “Best Television Fashion Stylist” for her appearances on Entertainment Tonight, The Insider and countless other media outlets, … [Read more...]

WIWW: A Mixed Bag and Pinspiration

vintage hat

I have my eye on this vintage hat.  It's worth every penny of the $22.95 they are asking.  Don't you think? It's What I Wore Wednesday time again and I am linking this post to The Pleated Poppy.  Either you hate Wednesdays on the Fringe or you love them. If you hate them, come back tomorrow. There will be a book review on a most excellent book. In case you missed what's going on around here... FringeMan and I made a Vlog yesterday.  Monday I talked about the easiest and most yummy fall recipe known to man (or woman).  Sunday I shared a page out of my grandfather's World War II Journal, and … [Read more...]

WIWW – Cold Weather Edition


Today we are talking about the weather and how it's related to fashion. Blame it on the forecasters, because they dared utter the word blizzard. In my world, blizzard is a four letter word that should be reserved for places like Alaska, the North Pole, and maybe even Canada.  (Sorry all you friends just to the North.) I got over the romance of the first snowfall about four million flakes ago.  Snow is hard work.  If you don't believe me, come shovel my driveway some morning. What's worse is the snow in the house. Yes, you heard me. You cannot help but drag it in, and then it … [Read more...]

Give A Hoot – Accessorize with Statement Pieces

Irregular Choice clutch & Dr. Martin Boots

I'm taking a little break from 31 Days of Living by Faith.  No worries, the regularly scheduled post for Day 24 will go live later in the day, so come back.  There are more amazing things to discuss Today I am talking about accessorizing with statement pieces. It's no secret I am drawn to unusual and fun accessories.  I just cannot help myself.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed with cuteness. I enjoy using fun accessories. They make an ordinary outfit special. They give you the "put-together" look. They can be daring in small, tolerable doses. They add pops of color to a neutral … [Read more...]

Trending: Oxblood

Entire fall outfit from Target dress and sweater and leggings

I feel I must redeem myself after my last fashion post  - The Skinny on The Jean.   It is my most-shared post to date.  Part of me thinks - Fabulous!  The sane part of me thinks -  Everyone  and their neighbor was laughing at me and my not-so-skinny bottom half. Maybe you were just identifying with my fashion struggles.  Ya, that must be it. ;-) I did get a recommendation from a trustworthy source who said I must try Old Navy's skinny jeans, because Target's are horrible for anyone with flesh on their bones.  That's just the word on the Fringe, not gospel, but my ordeal was with Target's … [Read more...]

The Skinny on The Jeans

Skinny Jeans Fashion Trend

If skinny jeans came in husky, I would buy three pairs. After trying on six pairs of skinny jeans in assorted sizes and colors (because, yes, there just might be a difference between the red and mint jeans), I have banished everything "skinny" from my life. I have high expectations when I get dressed in the morning.  I like to breath, sit, walk, and maybe, when I am feeling exceptionally frisky, I might even like to race my kids to the car.  I need clothing that allows me to live my life without cutting off all circulation from the waist down.  After twelve hours of wear, I imagine … [Read more...]

Not-So-Cool Girl

Fall Fashion - scarf with jeans and boots

Did you hear? I am up for a blog award.  Yup.  That's right.  Little ole me is about to be crowned the "Not-so-Cool Girl" in blogland. It's an honor really, because I have been working up to this for my entire life.  Reality says I am just not that cool.  Try as I might to change perception. And this week, this not-so-cool girl is about to show you a whole bunch of lame outfit photos.  That's right!  I bet you can't wait.  Some of them are even so blurry, you'll think you're getting a migraine.  Hold off before popping those Triptans.  It is just another week of What I Wore Wednesday, … [Read more...]

Seeing Dots

fall fashion polka dots

Once I wrote a post chock-full of fashion advice (Fashion: What to Wear at Any Age).  I do not know what possessed me write such a thing.  It's like me writing a post on how to surgically remove a gallbladder.  I don't even know where the gallbladder is located, much less how to cut it out, but with blogging comes the responsibility to dish out advice.  Good or bad.  Expert or not. It is probably my most shared post.  Go figure. One bit of advice I gave is to wear the appropriate outfit for the appropriate function. This past week, I failed. Sometimes it is hard to interpret … [Read more...]

A Little Birdy Told Me

Bird Shirt Target

The other night I let my daughter into my closet.  She went wild. It was a regular dress-up session and I was the Barbie doll, only without the twelve inch waist and great legs. She mixed and matched every piece of clothing I own.  Then she tried on all my shoes. When she was done, it looked like a thrift store threw up in my bedroom. But, she hugged me tight and told me what fun she had.  Then she told me to wear a tank top with my green bird shirt. She was right. Please forgive my blurry photos. I have two problems - a ten year-old photographer and a camera dying a slow … [Read more...]

Vlogging: Shoe Love

Fashion Friday link up

I'm a little late to the shoe party, but it's not midnight yet, so I figured I'd join the fun. I made a vlog about shoes. My voice is irritating and I ramble. I never make vlogs because I am terrible in front of a camera, but for the shoes, I made an exception, and my daughter joined me. I did leave out the ugly, cheap black flip-flops on my feet.  They came from Wally World and probably cost a whopping three dollars.  I didn't think they were vlog-worthy, so I spared you the ugly. Anyway, how about you join us over at Hope Squared for a shoe vlog hop? P.S. I know my … [Read more...]

Catching a Wave

Surfer Shirt Old Navy

I've noticed something about my personal style.  It is comfort driven. I think that's bad and I'm pretty certain Stacey and Clinton would agree, but I am almost ok with being bad and perhaps the slightest bit boring.  I think. I don't get into belts and clasps and things that need to be kept straight and secure. I wear a lot of a cotton. That may lump me into the style category called "Retirement Home Fashion", but I'm pretty sure I'd have to add more polyester to my closet in order to play shuffleboard with the old folks.  Then again, maybe not. I really like … [Read more...]

WIWW – As Good As It Gets

blue dot dress

It's What I Wore Wednesday and I'm joining The Pleated Poppy in photographing my outfits.  This week is as good as it gets.  Ever. Since we are away and my husband is preaching often, I am getting dressed often. That makes for a better than usual WIWW.  Just don't get use to it, because next week we are going back to normal. Dress:  Target (last year), Tank:, Flip-Flops: Who Cares! Dress:  Kohl's Clearance about 5-6 years ago.  It's juniors - Don't Judge.  Shoes: Kmart Dress:  Target (2 years ago) - This dress is a maternity dress, but that's my secret.  I'm not … [Read more...]

What NOT to Wear In Summer

olive shorts and striped teeshirt

By now you all realize that most Wednesdays I participate with the Pleated Poppy's What I Wore Wednesday. Since I don't have to dress for work, this is a bit of incentive to look nice everyday. Only, I think I'm in the running for Worst Dressed Participant. Is there an award for that? I sure hope so, because I'd like to be a winner, even if it means being a loser. I basically wear the same thing every single day. This is because I have no clothes and also because it's hot. It's HOT! I like it that way, but I generally dress with less when it's hot. How do women layer their … [Read more...]

Funnies, Fashion, & Fireworks

H&M polka dot shirt

Ok, I feel really bad putting "Fashion" into the title, because if I'm honest, there will no fashion in this post.  You may see a few haphazard outfits worn by a harried mom, but that's it.  Please accept my apology. There will be "Funnies" though and I only hope that redeems me and my lying lips. Today I'm over at An Army of Ermas talking about a reality of pet proportions.  I got all nostalgic the other day when I thought back to our dog "O".  We loved her while we had her and now someone else is loving her, because the doctor ordered her out of our home. Anyway, before I induce … [Read more...]

Slightly Stepford

eShakti red floral dress

Will you invite me to a garden party please? I have the perfect dress.  And by perfect, I mean I'm in love with a piece of cotton like it's my best friend holding a warm chocolate lava cake. I'm a dress wearer by nature, mostly because I'm lazy when it comes to styling outfits.  Dresses are about the simplest thing to wear - throw it over your head and add shoes.  That's my kind of outfit! Plus, they are cool in summer, can be layered with tights, boots, and sweaters in the winter, and camouflage the problem parts.  We all, well, mostly all of us have problem parts.  Don't … [Read more...]