eShakti – Polka Dots & Ruffles Sheath Dress

I’ve had the privilege to work with eShakti for the last few years. I love their company and how they willingly go the extra mile to accommodate our uniquely shaped bodies and our preferences over the details. I don’t know of another company that will allow you to customize the length, sleeve, or neckline of a garment. If you prefer, eShakti will make a dress to perfectly fit your measurements.

My friends, that’s good service!

They also have a range of sizes, from 0 to 36W. There’s something for everyone!

Eshakti Dress Choices

My mission was choose a garment from their new fall line.  I narrowed my choices to the five above.  I liked each of the above garments for a different reason.

The little black is classic, always a good choice, but it’s also the safe choice.

The sheath is fun and a bit more modern.  eShakti generally has a vintage inspired feel to their clothes.

The tops are adorable, but they don’t scream my name.  I’d admire them on someone else, but I don’t think they’d feel at home in my closet.

The striped dress is absolute love.  I think it’s fun and the shape would fit my body well, but I didn’t think I’d get much use out of it.  I work from home, and I also live in an area where I don’t attend too many “dressy” events.

What’s a girl to do when she loves five garments?

Buy them all!

Just kidding.  That wasn’t an option for me at the time.

I chose the dress only a handful of people voted for on my Facebook page.  It was the underdog and a challenge for me to style; however, I saw potential in this simple sheath.


eShakti Sheath Dress in Navy Blue

I really think this dress is versatile.  I styled it with items I already had in my closet – black leggings and black boots; however, booties would make this a much more current/modern/trendy outfit.

Booties are on my wish list, but I haven’t bought them yet.

One Dress, 3 Ways - Eshakti Sheath Dress - Edgy/Moto Inspired Look

Leather Leggings / Moto Jacket / Booties

I can absolutely imagine wearing this dress with a moto-style jacket, leather leggings, and booties.  Throw in a spikey bracelet or spiked bag and you have a very edgy outfit.

eShakti Sheath Dress in Navy Blue

One thing I didn’t realize about this dress (probably because I didn’t read the description) is that’s it’s really more of a high/low cut.  The back is a bit longer than the front.  I’m not a fan of this style, but it is trendy at the moment.

If I were to order it again, I would have them customize the hem and go about two inches longer.  I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing this in the summer without leggings.  It’s just a bit shorter than I normally wear, but that’s the wonder of eShakti.  They’ll make it how you want it.  They listen to you.

It’s ok if you like to wear them shorter or longer, sleeveless or three-quarter sleeves.  They are happy to customize your dresses.

Score 1 for eShakti.

One Dress, Three Ways - Eshakti Sheath Dress - Casual/Summer Look

Sandals / cardigan

I absolutely think this would be adorable in the summer with green sandals.

I love dresses that crossover season-to-season.

eShakti Polka-Dot Sheath Dress belted at the waist

I happened to have a neon colored skinny belt in my closet and threw it on.  I love this dress belted!

Someone on Facebook wondered if this dress would make me look pregnant.  Clearly, they’ve never seen me pregnant, because I would need five of these dresses sewn together.  I’m not even sure eShakti would want to do that!

Normally, I’d throw a little cardigan on with this, but I wanted you to see the whole dress, and I don’t have a cardigan in the right color.  There was definitely that.

Polka Dot Sheath Dress Belted

So, who has a dress from eShakti?

If you haven’t tried them out, I’d urge you to do so.  And, don’t hesitate to customize.  It’s extremely affordable and every girl should have a dress made just for her!

The standard sizes are also spot-on.  Check the sizing chart and order according to your measurements.  Every time I’ve done this, my dresses have fit like a glove.

I’m also wearing eShakti in this Slightly Stepford post.

Go, ahead, visit and see if there’s anything you’d like to have hanging in your closet.

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    That looks so cute!! I loved the striped dress, too. But, I hear what you’re saying. So, I am determined to get in on the legging craze this winter! I LOVE that look. But, every time I go to purchase a pair of leggings, I totally chicken out and get tights instead. I just don’t know how to make it work. But, I’m going to keep looking into it! And, I’m checking out eshakti.

    • says

      Thanks Sara. I didn’t get into leggings (literally) until about two years ago. I love them, because they are nice and warm in the winter. Plus they let you wear some fun dresses that are a bit too short to go bare legged or in sheer tights.

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