Fashion Essential: Mustard Colored Cardigan

Fashion Essential:  Mustard Colored Cardigan - 6 ways to wear a mustard colored cardigan

6 Ways to Wear A Mustard Colored Cardigan


One of my favorite go-to items is a mustard colored cardigan sweater.

I know we’re approaching summer, so it probably seems crazy to talk about a sweater; however, we’ve still been having some unusually cool days where I live.  It’s always a good idea to have a cardigan that can be worn with multiple outfits.

My mustard colored cardigan is a workhorse.

Fashion: Jeans, Polka Dots, & A Mustard Cardigan  -  inspired by Lisa Leonard

 Jeans & Shirt:  Kohl’s,  Sweater:  Target,  Sandals:  Famous Footwear,  Necklace:  Charming Charlies

Fashion Essential: Mustard Colored Cardigan - 6 ways to wear a mustard colored cardigan

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Do you have a favorite item of clothing in your closet?

What item is the workhorse of your wardrobe?

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  1. says

    OK I have a ruffled mustard cardigan that I just got last fall and you’ve inspired me! I have a simple gray J Crew open cardigan that I wear constantly in the fall and winter but I need to break out the mustard! (Plus I have a cute new chunky Lisa Leonard mustard bangle bracelet to pair with it.) Love your outfits!

  2. amiyrah says

    I love cardigans as well, but fell in love with full on sweaters this past winter. I really loved the “Cosby” sweater trend, with tribal prints or other crazy patterns. In the spring and summer, I love to wear men’s shirts as my “cardigan.” They’re breezy but provide a good amount of warmth.

  3. says

    I love the cardi with the jeans as well, and that beaded necklace is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve got a mustard cardigan, but always wore it in just one outfit; you’ve inspired me to mix it up!

  4. says

    I love a good cardigan and have upwards of 15 or more, but shockingly… no mustard! (Must remedy this.) As today was a balmy 42 degrees in my neck of the woods they come in handy year round!

    I love all the ways you’ve worn yours and wanted to add that those jeans look great on you!

  5. says

    I love a good mustard cardi! Lately, I’ve been wearing (and re-wearing) my neon t-shirt. With jeans, with shorts, with maxi skirts, with pencil skirts… I’m all about neon! =)

  6. says

    Hi, thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment on my blog! I love your blog!! I will follow!

    Yes, a bright yellow cardigan is a fave of mine too. It goes with tons.

  7. says

    You go, mamacita! I love that cardigan with the jeans in the last picture! Wow! You are sporting that sweater every which way!
    I just got a blue jean lightwight buttonup shirt that is working as my light weight jacket lately. but now it got cold again. uhhhggg.
    I think you do these posts so classy!

  8. Rachel G says

    We’ve had some majorly chilly days here, too! I’m so not a cardigan girl–but I wear my cropped denim jacket with practically everything if I need just one more layer to stay warm (I wore it over my wedding dress during our wedding reception even through Grandma was horrified). :P

  9. says

    I’m wearing my Target mustard cardi today too!! I am usually a little nervous about wearing it because I’m blonde but then I realize I’m being ridiculous. :)

    Love that polka dot shirt with it!

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