My Birthday Saga, Part II

“You better put some shoes on, it’s cold outside.”  I warned my daughter while she sat on the couch, her dangling legs swinging back and forth.

“No.  It’s ok.  I’m wearing flip-flops today.”

“It’s F-E-B-R-U-A-R-Y in New York.”  I cautioned.

“I wanna wear them.”

So I let her wear them.  I don’t know if I’m the kind of parent who understands a girl simply has to make her own fashion choices, or if I know that sometimes a ten year-old only learns to wear shoes after getting frostbite on her toes, or if I just didn’t feel like arguing over flip-flops on my birthday.  I suspect it’s the latter.  At any rate, FringeKid wore flip-flops on Saturday.   It was snowing by two o’clock in the afternoon, and it did not stop snowing until the wee hours of Monday morning.

As a surprise for my birthday, FringeMan took me to a great big wonderful mall in Syracuse and got us a hotel room for the night.  Now before your mind goes and gets all romantic, we took the children, the flip-flop wearing children.  It was a little like being on vacation, only we were still in our dreary home state.

I generally don’t vacation in places with snow, at least not while it’s on the ground, but I’m glad this weekend was an exception.  I needed nothing more than a shopping trip and a night away from the laundry and dishes.

Despite my swollen foot and the ugly paint-spattered sneakers I was forced to wear, FringeKid and I must have walked five miles.  My mission was to find a great bag.

I wanted a good bag.  I wanted leather, but I soon found out that I could only afford a tissue size purse in leather.  My internal radar zoned in on every single purse bound to the display racks with a chain.   Needless to say I didn’t walk away with one of those bags; however, I did find a lovely purse in my price range.  It’s not leather, but as a consolation, it came with a free umbrella.

So without further ado, I present to you The Yellow Bag.

Yes, I like big bags.  I carry a lot of junk.

I noticed the color in these photos is very different.  The true color is a mustard yellow.

To make my birthday complete, I found my shoes on Amazon for $20 dollars cheaper than I originally planned.  I love a bargain.

So tell me, do you like to carry a large bag filled with everything but the kitchen sink, or a small, tidy purse with only the essentials?


  1. says

    He he he I bet I know what brand that is, it has a fun fabric liner and lots of pockets right? I can’t think of the name right now but its like Fracco Seriano or something and I have a few, they are great!

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Lillin says

    Happy belated birthday!

    I used to carry around a huge bag that had everything I’d ever need in an emergency when I’m outside – a bottle of water, Tylenol, band-aids, paper towels etc etc.

    I still carry around a huge bag but it is a diaper bag and I only have a small coin purse that I cram everything that I need – credit cards, cash and ID. Everything else in the bag is for my baby!

  3. says

    My kids went through a number of winters wearing flip flops. Two of them have sweaty feet so flip flops made sense on some adolescent level. I just couldn’t understand wearing them in snow or rain as their feet got wet, but I finally stopped complaining. Just made sure they had boots int he car in case they got stranded somewhere and had to walk.

  4. says

    It sounds like a good trip..flip flops and all. Purses? I start small..very small then gradually transit to larger larger and larger. Then I scold myself for carrying so many unnecessary things, dump it all and start very very small again…for awhile. Not quite the circle of life…but a circle nevertheless

  5. says

    That purse sure looks like it’s leather. I love it. I need a big bag too these days. Even if I use a smaller one I still can’t find anything in it. Why is that? :)

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